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What outside my door currently looks like, and I just want to be surrounded and completely in it. Something about winter time and snow makes everything so magical and beautiful. I always find joy in being outdoors and in the wilderness, but this time of the year is one of my favourites hiking and adventuring outside enjoying the very pure beauty it has to offer. ❄️

Although beautiful, this picture doesn’t do the justice of how high up I was taking this photo. The day couldn’t be more perfect, I met my goal and reached the top, high enough to touch the cloud of snow I had on my side ❤️

Father like daughter 🌼
Two of the most important people in my life, and they couldn’t be more similar. The ocean always seems to bring all of us together, no matter the distance between us. Ironic isn’t it?
Feeling the itch to chase to ocean soon.. #adventouristsouls ✌🏻

“The earth has music for those who listen.” Shakesphere 🌊
It might not be the salty ocean, but its beauty is still worthy.

Shout out of the day:
@dabventurous 🙌🏻
I met her a year ago, and from the beginning she stole my love. The most caring and big hearted person I know. She would give everything she has to see someone else happy.
From our puppies growing up to being best buds, Ella may not see Bella so much since she’s left but there’s no amount of distance that could keep her and I apart.
Her beautiful soul is one you would only have the pleasure to get to know.
You know I love you xx

On top of the world 🌎. It’s hard not to fall in love with this life style when you reach the top and you get views like this. This was one of my first more difficult hikes, and I remember how proud and happy I felt accomplishing it. Not to mention there was nothing better than the scenery waiting up top for me.
I’m chasing the mountain top views and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the world has to show me. #wanderers

They bring me so much pleasure, any and all kinds, there’s just something calming and loving about them. This one in particular was perfect for housing these mushrooms ! #shroomies

Being in Ontario I can be thankful for the beautiful scenery of our first snowfall. ❄️ One of my favourite things (out of many) to photograph are how beautiful and delicate the trees look with a fresh snowfall on them. #treelover
What do you love?

•Thalassophile: a lover of the sea.
I couldn’t possibly begin to explain the love and obsessions I have with the ocean. It’s simple. There’s nothing as mysterious or magical then it. And it overwhelms my heart and soul every time Im near it.

Good day world 🌎✌🏻 In every photo, there’s always something any photographer can appreciate. Myself in particular, I appreciated the perfect lighting on this day, just proving how majestical the #westernbrookpond in #Newfoundland really is.
I might feel small sometimes only being 5’3, but not nearly as small as what taking a ferry through these beautiful fjords will make you feel like!

Where the heart is...
For years now I’ve travelled to the #cabottrail in #novascotia. To this day it continues to be one of my favourite places too visit. Maybe because it holds so many sentimental values, or maybe because it’s beauty is continuously breath taking no matter how many times you see it.
If you ever have the pleasure of traveling on this trail, do yourself a favour and hike this trail! Not to mention always wearing my @thenorthface gear, this bag is perfect for small day hikes!

A few weeks ago I had gone to visit these falls which always seem to amaze me. Their powerful and strong, endlessly beautiful and carry history along with them.
#kakabekafalls is nothing less then a loud remind of how beautiful our planet is.

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