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all together🤔😄
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Awesome art ♥️ what do you think?
By oppof3plus

So sad to see the king in his final days.
Photo by Larry Pannell (
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Miniature stairway with @mozukope
What do you think about this?

beginner fisherman🤔 Watch it until the end😂😂
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What do you think he caught?
Photo by ©️Stéfane Gautier
Via @wildlifeplanet

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be in the tree with the baby manatees 😍😂😂
Would you do this?!🤔
By @saltynaplesmama !
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Awesome work!
By @fixthisbuildthat

An oxpecker removing ticks from the ear of an impala captured in a position that creates the illusion that the antelope has two heads.🦌🦌
Kruger National Park, South Africa 🇿🇦

🎥 by @mogenstrolle

waterfall 🤔
By @fyu4a

Monsoon season in Lonavala, India. -
by @arpanmahida

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