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Yesterday’s championships where amazing! Seeing ppl showing off theyr hard work is nothing but motivating!💪
So many stunning looking, shredded & strong minded human beings make me want to work even harder.
1 year to go until I’ll be up there aswell.. looking forward, i am excited but ofc i am anxious and nervous at the same time.
I’ll give everything, 100% or nothing cuz this is what this sport is about. 🙏 Is anyone else going to be there aswell??

#flexfriday is over but I work on saturdays so today is my friday 🤷🏽‍♀️ ...

Just scrolled down to a few of my older posts and realized how much size I’ve put on the past few months.. feeling like a potato but that’s OKAYY cuz i got so much stronger aswell💪🥔 #carbsaregood

Once you start realizing that you made progress (which i know is hard to see yourself sometimes) but trust me, you will be your own motivation to keep pushing and give 110%

Btw dm’s are always open 😊 i try to reply to as much as i can!! 💖

I’ve been getting so many comments on why i keep bulking even though i am looking full & healthy ect.. Not only on social media lol...🙃 So first i am still pretty lean, i am still on a pretty low body fat percentage and i still want and need to gain more weight, fat and muscles.

I am currently on 3400 cals a day almost 100g of fat and almost 500g of carbs 😬 and yes that’s a lot but my body got so used to it. Me and my coach talked a lot about it and we’re definitely going to keep bulking and getting biiggg 🍑 Don’t let comments like this hit you.. i know many are struggling with that but ppl will always judge especially ppl who aren’t happy with themselves. Focus on YOU and focus on your happiness first!!!🙏🙏

How to make physical progress?? And how i did it •
Well the most important thing is to love what you do. So find something you can and want to stick to ->long term
Which is for me working with a coach and having weekly check ins.💪 Also whatever your goal is TAKE PROGRESS PICTURES!! I felt extremely uncomfortable at the beginning but it actually made me realize how far I've come! I do them weekly and whenever i am consistent i see changes every single week!
Another thing is if you for example want to grow your booty.. WHATEVER you want to grow requires food aka a calorie surplus. You can do as many squats and hip thrust as you want to if you aren't in a calorie surplus you won't gain 🍑 anything

So consistency and finding something you truly love along with keeping your goals in mind and working on them in small steps is key and will give results for sure!!

Tb to this amazing coffee/restaurant @zumito 😍 Got an avo bagel, an almondmilk pro smoothie and tortilla chips with dips🤤 .. proper meal over here lol!

I thought I'd share some of my fav snacks cuz i get this question almost daily.. so here some ideas:
•My fav atm are bagels with pb2, cashewbutter, pb with jam or even nutella topped with 🍌 bananaa!!
•Same with rice cakes! Rice cakes with cashewbutter and banana is the best!
•Yoghurt bowls with granola/cereal, some tipe of nutbutter, fruit and some 🍫🍪 (:
•Egg-white omelets mixed with protein powder.. it's so good!
•Pro bars/granola bars and pro cookies are good when you're busy! The best ones are lenny & larrys DUH, grenade carb killer bars, myprotein cookies, Weider bars, ONE bare & quest bars!
•Oatmeal!! Such a good filling snack if you top it off with berries, banana, nutbutters and other fun stuff!
•Cereal!! Any kind of cereal with coconut milk is bæ!!
•Waffles or Pancakes especially sinze my macros are high as shit i love having breakfast as a snack cuz BREAKFAST FOOD IS LIFEE!!🥞

I've gained 40 pounds through the last year and i can tell you it wasn't easy but i can also tell you that it's the best thing I've ever done in my life and i couldn't be ANY happier that i did it!
That's the reason why i post this .. not to show off my booty well, i am happy how my body looks like atm but to show that EVERYTHING is possible. ❤️💪
A little reminder that good things take time! If you stay consistent with whatever you want to reach you can reach it!!

Confidence at the gym?
Something i definitely struggled with as i started working out at the gym and probably everyone already did. Now a bit over 2 years later i walk into the gym and focus on myself for myself. So here some things that helped me

So the most important thing is to focus on YOU cuz that's the reason why you go to the gym because you have goals and because you enjoy it. ☝🏽 Another thing to remember is everyone started once.. the one who does the heaviest bp & dl, the girl with the biggest booty and the most shredded guy at your gym started once!! They just worked hard so you can do this too!💪 Also tbh ppl at the gym don't actually care about you, your form or the way you look and if there's someone really talking bad about you or anything like that... 🤷🏽‍♀️ be sorry for them cuz they're either jelly or aren't happy with themselves

Also from time to time when progress starts happening you will gain confidence anyway! Uncomfortable situations mostly make you stronger and if you truly love it you will be successful 💗

Happy girl over here.. If i could I'd stay at the sea forever 🌴🌞

I am always kinda sad kinda happy when it comes to leaving vacation.. i like getting back in my "normal" routine and habits but ofc miss the beach, sun and times.

The food here was bomb and i definitely made the best out of it #piggy 😅🐷🍩🍕 Even thought my body didn't react that well to it.. I also took 4 rest days since i just didn't had time (: Which is good and sometimes even necessary to recover & reset. 💪

I start working again next week and will be busy af but I'll post as much as i can .. also mealprep things if y'all want that 🤓🙃

Best food in barcelona from @brunchandcake! If you ever visit barcelona you definitely need to check them out! They've got plenty of vegan fancy foods and just look how beautiful they serve it!! 😍🌱

What happened yesterday evening.. the attack in barcelona.. literally happened right next to us. We where there and it was absolutely horrific. 😔🙏 Hearing things like this in the tv is something but being there, seeing ppl running around in panic, screaming, actually dying and trying to stay save at the same time is indescribable. Now everything is dead, all the shops are closed & all the ppl are leaving. We have to leave too now which is kinda sad but it's the best thing we can do now.✈️ I pray for every single one who was there and who maybe even lost someone and hope that the humanity get's smarter. I pray for peace 🙏

Protein french toast anyone? 🍑🤤 It's actually even better than pancakes and definitely my new favorite breakfast!! So easy and you can add so many good things! 🍯 You can find the recipe on my coaches YouTube channel on her latest video -> @fearstofit

Self confidence is a superpower.
Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts happening.✨ •
I am still working on that too and if there is one tip i can give to you it's to not care what others think. I know it is unbelievable hard in today's society but seriously at the end of the day you've only got yourself & it does matter if you are happy with what you do!! I started doing what i love, i surround myself with good ppl, i stopped caring about what others could think about me & this was the moment as i truly started being confident and loving myself. It's a journey and it has ups n downs & i am still working on that too but this one thing helped me a lot! ❤️

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