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Earth Hour  Join us for #EarthHour 2019 on 30 March 8:30 p.m. and together, let's #connect2earth!❤️🌎

We’ve only got one home🏡 Let’s keep our birds chirping and our sunsets🌅 pollution free. 💚This International Day for #Biodiversity, #Connect2Earth🌍 & help us safeguard #nature🌴 Dont’t let it go unheard - more in our story. #idb2018
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Here's how you can #Connect2Earth today : Buy #food that is LOCALLY produced! This helps reduce your #carbon #footprint and allows us to #protect our shared home 🌏

We hope you have a turtle-y awesome weekend! 😉🐢

Humpback #whales are fascinating to watch, but did you know that whale watching vessels may stress or even hit whales, threatening their numbers? Human activities such as fisheries may displace whales, forcing them to search for new territory. Other threats include getting caught in fishing nets, preventing them from surfacing for air and drowning them.

Show your support for #nature and #wildlife. More in our story. #EndangeredSpeciesDay #connect2earth

#DYK that we dump eight million tonnes of plastic in the sea every year, which is harming marine life? 😧 What changes are you making in your daily life to reduce your use of throwaway plastic? #Connect2Earth 🌎

Can you live fossil free? 🤔This can be a reality if we invest in renewables and make sustainable choices.💪 Don't let climate change wipe out our precious wildlife. How are you playing your part? Visit our IG stories and check out what cities are doing and vote for your city today. 💚

Discover the amazing stories of mothers in the #wild! We hope you have a lovely celebration this #MothersDay!☺ #DYK that:
#Polar bear mothers have to double her weight or else their bodies might absorb the baby.
#Orangutan mothers for the first 4-months never break contact with their infants.
#Elephant mothers endure carrying their unborns for a whopping 22-months.
#Tigers are known to be especially benevolent mothers.

#DYK migratory birds provide a huge range of benefits? These include pest control, pollination of plants, and even guano - seabird droppings which are extremely rich in nutrients and perfect for growing crops! 🌽 Migratory birds are also amazing to watch when they fly across the skies, and watching them helps us get in touch with #nature and our home 🌎 Every being on Earth is deeply connected, and we all depend on our environment to survive 🦆 Discover more in our IG story! #WorldMigratoryBirdDay #biodiversityexplained

50 cities🏙, on 5 continents🌍 representing over 100 million citizens.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Do you live in a city? Over the next week, join us as we discover cities that have shown a strong commitment💪🏼 to embark on the sustainability journey. Visit our IG story to show your support and vote for your city! 💚 .

#Welovecities2018 #vote #city #connect2earth

“There are rules everyone must follow, or there won't be anything left." Samson, 32, lives in #Beheloke, Southern #Madagascar where he used to be a #fisherman🎣 Once he realized the benefits of #sustainable #fishing🐠, he knew that his #community had to #change things around.

Now, as president of the LMMA (the Locally Managed Marine Area), Samson advocates for the good management of #natural #resources in his village. @oceanwitness Visit our IG story for more 💚

#WeLoveCities 🏙competition has officially kicked off! While living in a city might feel like it’s far from #nature🌿, there are so many ways we can #connect2earth🌍💚 Visit our IG stories to discover more!

Help us to save the forest🌳 while you do your groceries!🛒 Look for the FSC label when you buy paper, wood or any other forest products!

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