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Early Learning 101  🌈Sharing inspiring ideas related to our fortnightly prompt 🌈Tag #earlylearning101 + #el101_ Hosts: @youclevermonkey, @playfullittlelearners + Guest

There’s not much you can’t create from a cardboard box 📦 as @findthelittlemind shows us with her awesome INVITATION TO PLAY this week! Pizza anyone? 🍕 #el101_invitationtoplay #earlylearning101
#Repost @findthelittlemind
Cardboard Box Wood-fire Pizza Oven 🍕
A throwback to this fun creation my husband and I made for my son’s nursery class who were learning about Italian food.
It was such a great play prompt for the class, and the felt pizzas were cooked to perfection!
#findthelittlemind #getcreativewith #invitationtoplay #el101_invitationtoplay #learningbydoing #playbasedlearning #handsonlearning #roleplay #pretendplay #cardboardbox #pizza #felt #creativity #imagination #play #playmatters #playideas #kids #kidscrafts101 #creativeplay #creativekids

It could just as easily be fairies 🧚🏼‍♂️ that have come to play but dinosaurs rule 🦖🦕🦖 this INVITATION TO PLAY 👍🏼 #el101_invitationtoplay
#Repost @wildheartsplay
Small worlds are my favourite to set up! The other day I was asked how Jude interacts with these invitations to play, which is an excellent question. The answer is: it depends on the day, his mood and what he's offered. Sometimes he plays how you might expect a child to, using the figures to interact with each other and act out scenarios. Other times he just plays with the sensory materials, running his hands through the stones, pouring the lentils, pressing toys into the playdough. Often he adds his little diggers and uses them to destroy whatever it is I have made! 😊🙈 When I set up invitations to play I really try to go in without expectations. Sometimes Jude will be engaged with whatever I've given him for an hour, other times he's done after five minutes. Often he plays completely differently than I might have imagined. And that's ok! Better than ok, that is wonderful. He's creating, exploring and learning in his own beautiful, unique way. #kindergarten #playmatters #earlylearning101 #eyfs #earlyyears #invitationtoplay

We love this INVITATION TO PLAY from @teachpreschool ❤️ Who wouldn’t want to try and build the tallest tower? Don’t forget to share your own invitations to #el101_invitationtoplay this week for Anna @imaginationtree to choose her four favs ❤️ from next Sunday 👍🏼 #playfullearning #handsonplay #blockplay #invitationtoplay #ece

#Repost @teachpreschool ・・・
Building tall towers!
#preschoolblocks #preschoolblockplay #prekteacher #prek #prekindergarten #prekinder #teachpreschool #playmatters #sensoryplay #constructiveplay #ilovethisidea

Love this INVITATION TO PLAY Doctors from @mammanjohansson! 😍

Dramatic Play is an important part of the early years - it can aid vocab development, self regulation, social skills and many more!

Make sure you tag any pics with #el101_invitationtoplay and #earlylearning101 to share your idea with our community xx

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Jag la fram en massa saker på ett bord i lekrummet för att bjuda in till lite rollek. Mitt barn är ingen mästare på rollek så jag hoppas att lite uppmuntran och övning ska kunna främja det. #lek #play #toddlerfun #invitationtoplay #el101_invitationtoplay

INVITATION TO PLAY and colour snow cones by @findthelittlemind 😍 Tag your pics with #el101_invitationtoplay to join in this fortnight’s photo prompt 😁
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Invitation to Make Snow Cones 🍧
We are on snow day 2 here and my little man has been desperate to get outside and enjoy it as much as possible. It’s not so easy with baby sis, so today we compromised and brought some snow inside.
Any type of water and colour based play is always a hit so this fun Invitation to Make Snow Cones inspired by @earlylearning101 and @imaginationtree INVITATION TO PLAY week was always going to be fun.
My 4 yr old loved using pipettes to add colour and ‘flavour’ to his snow cones, as well as adding ‘icy icing’ glitter glue, and glitter ‘sprinkles’.
I love set ups like this because they are very open-ended and my son always surprises me with how he develops the activity in new directions.
Click the link in my bio for the full blog post.
#findthelittlemind #invitationtoplay #el101_invitationtoplay #sensoryplay #waterplay #handsonlearning #snowyplay #learningthroughplay #playbasedlearning #finemotorskills #foodcoloring #pipettes #learningresources #playideas #playmatters #kids #snowday #kidsactivities #creativeplay

This fortnight Anna @imaginationtree is joining us for an INVITATION TO PLAY theme! Love this mud dough idea 😍
Tag your pics with #el101_invitationtoplay to join in!

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Mud play dough, fabric flowers, mini carrots, natural plant pots and wooden trowels. Copy paste this link to read more: https://theimaginationtree.com/mud-play-dough-recipe/
I’m very happy to be co-hosting the lovely @earlylearning101 play challenge again for the next fortnight! Especially since Amy @playfullittlelearners and Nichole @youclevermonkey have chosen my favourite theme of Invitation to Play!
Simply tag any pictures using their special hashtag #el101_invitationtoplay so that I can find you and choose my fav fab four in two weeks time!

Let’s see ideas for play prompts, creative art starters, little small worlds ready to use, play dough and loose parts, materials set out ready to investigate and much much more! .

Search my own hashtag #invitationtoplay for many ideas to get you started and take a look at @invitation2play too!

Amy @playfullittlelearners and I @youclevermonkey are both so excited for this fortnight’s challenge - INVITATION TO PLAY! We both know how important play is for learning in the Early Years 👍🏼 We’re equally thrilled to have the lovely Anna @imaginationtree joining us 😀 Anna will be choosing her four favourite INVITATIONS TO PLAY at the end of our two week challenge - simply tag your photo with #el101_invitationtoplay to share your idea with us all 😀 Looking for more play inspiration? Check out Anna’s #invitationtoplay tag ❤️ #earlylearning101

The lovely @the_paige_diaries has joined us as first guest for 2018 and has chosen these ideas to share from our #el101_pompoms / #earlylearning101 hashtags: 🙌🏽@reaching_happy
Such awesome choices 🎉🎉
Thanks to all who joined in!
Stay tuned tomorrow for our next theme! xx

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// POM POM LOVE // I have had SO much fun guest hosting over at @earlylearning101 these past couple of weeks! You all shared some amazing POM POM themed activities using #el101_pompoms and I struggled to only chose four of my favourites! .
But here they are 👇
💕@findthelittlemind .
Thanks again to everyone who joined in the fun! Can't wait to see what you all come up with for the next theme! 😁😁

Frozen POM POM sort anyone? We’ve loved having @the_paige_diaries on board this fortnight for our#el101_pompoms theme! Stay tuned for Lycie’s faves 😁

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// ICE SORT // So it seems you guys LOVED our pom pom ice, so I wanted to show you them in action! Paige used the bowls to sort them into their corresponding colour using the spoon, which proved to be quite tricky because the ice cubes were very slippery once they started melting! Both Paige and Samuel loved these rainbow ice cubes, and I can't wait to get them out again! I've just posted a blog post on how I made these ice cubes, plus some closeups of them in all their gorgeousness 😍😍 Make sure you check it out - link in bio 💕 #pompoms #sensoryplay #tpd_sorting #coloursort

This idea shared by @lunchesandfoodfun to #el101_pompoms looks like a great way to get children moving inside when it’s too hot ☀️ or too cold outside ❄️ Throwing POM POMS so no one or nothing gets hurt 👍🏼 I can’t help thinking of the Minuscule episode of the poor spider 🕷 trying over and over to build its web only to keep having the pesky ladybug 🐞 drag a squad of angry flies through its web constantly 🕸 Looks like so much fun @lunchesandfoodfun 👍🏼 #Repost @lunchesandfoodfun
Spider throw onto the web! Our #pompoms were our #spiders Great #handeyecoordination game! #earlylearning101 #rainbowcolours #tagfromtheheart #el101_pompoms

POM POMS make perfect quick and easy paint brushes 🎨 as @play.learn.shine shows us 👍🏼 #el101_pompoms
s #Repost @play.learn.shine ・・・

This was so much fun this morning and the setup and pack up was quick and easy. Which it has to be for me to even think about paint and Tilly together. .
💜 What I loved about this activity is that Tilly really understood to put the Pom Poms back into the correct egg cup. My major difficulty with Tilly is the tornado like mess that follows her. There was not 12 brushes lying around the bench. .
💙 We love fine motor activities. Sometimes the pegs slipped off the pom poms and she had to work hard to put the peg back on. .
🎨 Materials Needed: Egg Carton, Pegs, Pom Poms, paint (I bought my washable fluro paint from Kmart)
👩‍🎨 How to: Put a small amount of paint colour in each egg cup. Place a matching Pom Pom with peg attached on top. Let the little artist begin!! .
🌟 Hint: Is your little one learning to talk or learning colours. Get them to say the colour as they dab it.

Fine motor idea tagged to #el101_pompoms by @workingmamawednesday: pom pom shooters! Read repost info below for details how to make it!

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🎉Pom pom shooters🎉 Sorry no action shots of this one as everyone was running around having tooooo much fun! It was mayhem there are pom poms everywhere!! Tie a knot in a 🎈 and ✂️ the very top off it, then stretch it over the bottom of a plastic cup that has the very bottom ✂️ off. Secure the balloon with a bit of sticky tape and you are set #simplefun and also a way to practice #finemotor !

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