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Elizabeth  Makeup+psych degree+power tools+kitties and pup= an Elizabeth

Those eyes πŸ’• #greatdane #greatdanepuppy

No better way to wake up than with two kitties and a pup πŸ’• #furmom

Sometimes I feel like I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. I think my facial expression shows that here. Hoping someone pretty dope comes along at some point to lighten the load πŸ’ͺ #singlelife

F'n A. #datingin2017

A few years ago I was going through some gnarly shit. My weight felt like the only thing I could have some control over. I found a sense of peace when I ran and the pounds fell off. I think it's time to get back to this, minus the catastrophic downfall. I'm coming for it.

Quick selfie at Nakama today 🍣 #pittsburgh #southsidepittsburgh #sundayfunday

Stolen from my snap story Thursday. Really just loved my hair this night. #curlyhair #blondie #rainyday #pittsburgh

Being super basic with the dog filter tonight. Woof. #dogfilter #basicbitch

You can be as pretty as they come, but it doesn't count for much if there's no substance

Loving this fresh hair color

So excited I got one of these puppies today!!! Legit put my work day on pause to sit hitting the refresh button until restock time. But it's miiiiine mwahaha #jaclynhillpalette #makeupaddict

Can I wear a flower crown irl? Like.... daily.

No hairspray needed. Hair so thick it looks like a helmet. #bighairdontcare

Prettiest girl πŸ’• #greatdane #danesofinstagram

Aren't these results amazing?? PM me to talk about how you can get your own before and after photos!! See your results in less than an hour!!

Basic. Like her momma. #pupcup #starbucks #greatdane

The sweetest girl in the 🌎 #greatdane

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