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DeannaJSmith  Needed: Jesus and coffee. 🙏🏻☕️ Mom to 4, Down syndrome advocate, Vermont Housewife.

Me: “Let’s go let’s go LET’S GO!!!! We’re going to be late for school!!! Boots! Coats!!!! HUSTLE!!!!! To the CAR!!!!”
Them: But we really need to build a tunnel right NOW. 🙄😂 #reasonstheyarelatetoschool #momlife 🤷🏻‍♀️

Today when I asked her if she had pooped in her diaper, she responded that NO SHE HAD NOT. Her doll baby had.😂😂😂😂 Some things just don’t have to be taught.😂 And also...being 2 is HARD!!!! 😉♥️ Love my baby Morgan. It’s interesting watching her interact with Addison as she grows into this new understanding of life around her. Is it weird to say I’m jealous? She’s getting a crash course into the normalcy of Down syndrome that I never got. Her every moment includes difference...but to her...it is normal. There’s an exquisite beauty there. ♥️#biglittlesister

She’s so so graceful. I love this girl. 😍♥️ #downsyndromedancer #ballet #lifeisbetterwithyou

Today is a crazy day...in the middle of a crazy week...in the midst of an insane month. I’ll admit, my first response is “Go away and leave me alone so I can get my work done!!!!” But then, I look into her eyes and realize that she just...needs me. She needs me to let her cling to my leg while I pour ingredients into the crockpot. She needs me to sing her a silly song and really SEE her as I change her diaper. She needs tickles and an elaborate game of peek-a-boo instead of me rushing to cross that next item off of my To Do list. She needs...me. And so instead of “GO AWAY so I can do my important work!” I say, “YOU are my important work. And yes, we need to find balance and yes, she can’t cling to my leg the rest of her life. But right now. Right now my 2-year-old needs me. And that’s okay. She is my most important work. #momlife #inthekitchen #littlechef 👶🏼♥️

Okay guys. Real talk. Here I am...filter-free and all mom #eyebags goin on. But ready to real talk because I have a serious question to ask you. (Yes, this is me staring straight at you while we talk #creepy). Over on my FB page Everything and Nothing from Essex, I’ve been posing recipes and a whole lot more than my usual #momlife and everyone seems to enjoy the variety. I’ve also been doing the same in my Insta stories. But ignoring this spot. (Sorry🙈) So here’s my question: if I were to post some food pictures from the meals I make my kiddos...would that be helpful to you? Would I get crickets in return? Tomatoes thrown at me? Laughed at??? Lectured on the healthiness content?😂🤣😂 Just putting out some feelers. I know some people have strong feelings about food pics!!! So...let me know. Or...you know...just start throwing those tomatoes now. I’ll make some salsa.😉😂😘

Well hello there, beautiful. When did you turn 16????? 💃🏻♥️🙌🏻#lifeisbetterwithyou #downsyndromebeauty #lovethisgirl (see my stories for her picture warm up dance routine 😂)

2 years ago today. I...um...I...eh...well........🤔...........2 years later and I still got nuthin.🤷🏻‍♀️ #momlife #fbf #neveradullmoment #ohaddison #ytho 🤔😱🙈😂

Hey guys...can anyone help me find Morgan? I told her it was time to stop playing and come inside and suddenly she disappeared!!!!!!?🤷🏻‍♀️😂 #being2

Current coffee drinking view. I don’t hate this. Not at all. #momlife #grateful ♥️☕️

Coming home to this smile after a long day is just the absolute best. Love this girl. #lifeisbetterwithyou ♥️

This is how Morgan felt about the huge snowstorm that hit her delicate curls, uninvited, during today’s school pickup duties (rude). She may be a sturdy, cold-loving Vermonter, but her snow gene apparently has run out of juice and needs to be recharged by some sunshine and temps over 30. Here’s hoping...🌞

I just walked in on Addison giving a little morning yoga class. From what I hear, she is a super strict teacher. For realz. But to be fair...her student is super sassy, so I don’t really blame her. #sisters 😂😍👯‍♀️

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