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EANate🍁  "Sometimes I pretend To be something I'm not And it helps me find Who I am."™.

Books are lessons throughout history. Books are fantasy turn reality. Books are horror, tragedy or mystery. Books are people. If you don't like what you read, close the book when you read up on me.
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I'm always gunning for the best, so when I see you, you'd better come correct. Ready or not with a bulletproof vest, so heart felt got you clenching on your chest. Imma top shotta, if I got you in my sights then gotta. It's Picture perfect. And that's how I live my Mantra.
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1-800-immacutyouoff 📸: @yugencapture

When your female friends ask what you're into @harlenejay @hey_its_stephenie
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Sometimes you gotta go through life and see where it takes you. Everyone's adventure starts within. #earlymornings #spokenword #positivethinking #poetry #happyhumpday

Playground Sav

When she asks to see your stroke game and stills end up goin' home wit the waste mon she came wit #iwasnervous #iwasntready #imbetterlookinganyways #Damnhemusthavemoney

Textin on that late night flex

Pen & The Paper
The pen, permanent ink like the tattoo your parents told you don't do.
Write down your faults, boxed in this book of fortitude.
The paper, original note taker. Hidden under your bed where journals and rhymes were kept safer.
Way before everybody had a Blackberry carrier.
Together with your mind and soul, take the fire inside and feed it so your creativity will never get cold.
Make history, you can have one of the greatest stories that you ever did told.
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Last call? Buy a bottle or drink em all.

As I stroke my brush and the image comes through, I see it was you that I have pictured. #paintniteandchill

No Shark, just an aggressive dolphin

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