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Eric Ayala  University of Maryland 🐢🏀

My Heart Colddd I Bet The Angels Agree 👼🏼💙

We n This Fa’ Life We Like Ray n Claude

Thx You God! You Saved My Life...

Let The Madness Begin!😈

If He Dies...He Dies!!👿

You Down For Uh 1️⃣8️⃣7️⃣☠️💉

Loaded Like I’m Ready Fa’ Armageddon 🧨🎲

See’n My Mom Cry Was All Da Motivation I Needed..

I Wish Big Bro Was Here’Ta See Da Man That I Grew Into.. #FreeBlue🔓

ISSA Real N* Holiday.. Happy 🌎 Day To Me!

What..Who? I Was Born 2 Shoot.. Yea I Got Aim, Like I’m @johnnydangandco When It Come’na Chains!!

No Cap I Had A Dream Like Thi$ Before!

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