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Emily L. Guo, MD  👩🏻‍⚕️Dermatology Resident PGY-2 📍Washington, DC 💌 emilyguomd@gmail.com

Happy holidays from the 1st year derm residents!! 💕 It’s been a crazy busy week with our two interview days, but we had so much fun interviewing and getting to meet all of our AMAZING dermatology and med/derm applicants! 💖 As 1st years we were interviewers since we’ll be the residents working with this group, and lemme tell you it’s much more fun to be on this side than the interviewee side haha! :) also, wanted to give a shout out to a few of the interviewees who told me y’all follow me here on IG 👋🏻 it was so great to meet y’all!

PS this is from the pre-interview dinner at my house... hence why I’m wearing slippers and not real shoes lol. We ended up doing Chipotle build your own bowls/tacos with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies (thank you for all the ideas a few weeks ago on my post)! And Mario kart for entertainment!

Don’t be like the person who kept trying to leave voicemails when they called my pager 😂 def doesn’t work like that!! #callmebeepme I posted about this in my instastories last week and 60% of y’all didn’t know how pagers work! 📟 Some of y’all wanted me to post the instructions on my feed so here ya go!

How to page:
1) Call the pager number. It won’t ring but you will hear a few beeps.
2) Dial in the number you want them to call you back on and the hit # (the pound sign or the hashtag depending on what generation you’re from 😉)
3) You’ll hear beepbeepbeepbeepbeep. Hang up.
4) Wait by the phone for the call back! (Important, also don’t be the person who pages and then doesn’t pick up!)

Heading back to DC today... Definitely enjoyed my warm week off in Cabo and Houston for Thanksgiving! 💕 Hope y’all had a great holiday too!!

Carrot margaritas! The best way to get in a serving of vegetables on vacation 😜🥕 #cheers

Hat, sunglasses, spf 50, umbrella, and covering my body with a towel... how this #dermresident lays out at the beach! 🙅🏻‍♀️☀️

Couldn’t wait for the ‘gram to devour the guac 🥑¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #cabo #vacationmode

Question: if you were going to a residency pre-interview dinner at someone’s house, what would be your dream food being served?? 😋🍽 I’m hosting one of our pre-interview dinners next month at my home and need get the food ordered soon!!

Done with my dermatology grand rounds presentation... Finished another week of being on call... Serendipitously saw the patient I presented at @nihgov derm grand rounds (2 years ago when I was a MS4) at follow up in clinic today... And first snow in DC! ❄️ Happy to celebrate the end of a longgg day cozy at home with a glass of rosé! 💕🙌🏻

Spending my Sunday on call! Heading in soon to see a couple of patients and then hopefully the rest of the day won’t be too crazy so I can work on a grand rounds presentation for later this week 😬 are y’all having a relaxing Sunday or a busy Sunday? 💕

Confession: I’ve definitely considered wearing fake glasses so I don’t have to deal with remembering eye protection for procedures. 🤓😬 I mean... nevermind the fact I actually do have real glasses but I prefer wearing my contacts....... 😂

Goal: turn the living room into a jungle 🌱 New friend from @littleleafshop! #plantobsessed #plantfriends

Favorite fall drink: iced dirty chai! Aka chai latte + shot of espresso 😜 Anybody else all about the iced drinks even when it’s chilly outside??

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