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Esperanza L.  God is love. Mother above all titles👩‍👦Fitness & Adventures.

We waste too much time worrying about what others are thinking. And we don’t invest enough time in our physical, spiritual or mental growth. Do your best, but take time to cater to yourself. Love yourself. Love your body enough to stay active and eat right. Love your mind enough to unwind, drink some wine and read a book. Stay in touch with your spirituality and thank God for what you have and those around you.
#Foodforthought #WednesdayWisdom ✨✨✨

Can’t say we’re photogenic but it was worth a try ❤️ #MommasLittleMan

They’ll call you obsessed when you’re disciplined and they’ll call you lazy when you take time off.
Only make time for those who are a positive and healthy influence to your life.
Stay active, stay hydrated and be amazing! ✨

Consistency is key... but sometimes the soul needs a break from the routine.
Excuse my awkwardness, I don’t know how to pose lol. #Explorewashington #Gorge #PNW #pnwonderland #IcicleGorge #GoldsGym #Fitmom #MemorialWeekend

If you’re not where you want to be, are you doing something to change that?

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, and twice as much to the single moms who don’t get as much hype but do two jobs. Being a mother means you put yourself last, you sleep less, grind harder and you turn into a nurse, teacher, role model, chef, maid and everything in between😅 A job that pays with stress and love ❤️❤️❤️

Sometimes it’s not about what we’re going through, but how we handle things

God might test us, but so we learn and grow from experience

Take care of your body, mind and soul ✨
#SelfieSunday #SelfcareSunday

My handsome boy 💞

Good vibes and endless adventures 🤙🏼 Take care of your body, your mind and your soul✨
#weekendvibes #therapy #adventures #beaconrock #pnw #weekendcardio #hikewashington

We all have the same ability to be self disciplined, some use it some don’t. It’s your choice 👊🏼 .

#howbaddoyouwantit #positiveattitude #strongmindset #strongmindstrongbody #selfdiscipline #motivation #fitness #cuttingseason #hellospring #girlswholift

We’re conformed to living in routine, when there’s so much to explore out there🌲🌿

To all my strong women out there, happy #nationalwomensday ✊🏼❤️

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