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http://ameblo.jp/blog-dd/entry-12295796532.html. I got posted in the Dollfie Dream blog.

First of all I'd like to thank my family and friends for all their support for helping me reach my social media dreams, and that anyone who likes dolls and lives in Temecula is automatically part of the Team Itamecula Fam Racing Project MK2 EX Plus Alpha Tournament Edition. We are collective dead insiders. We are fam. (Applications closed).
Also new slap drop this Friday don't forget to budget for that goy I need new wheels and coils for my next hard park meet and occasional social-media and photo-op riddled track day.

finally got around to putting on the new outfit. got it at AX straight from volks yeeee.
yo wuddup testing mic one two.
scalpers price the outfit set for $445 just lol gtfo.
I hate the people in this hobby I want to send them all into ovens. #volks #dollfiedream #miku #hatsunemiku #ribbongirl #bjd #OTAKU #GEEK #NERD #XDDDDDD

Asian lady thought I was from gundam at the dealer hall so there you go. #animeexpo #animeexpo2017 #bokunoheroacademia #tenyaiida #gundam

obligatory ax haul post. not much this year, I'm kinda over spending a lot at cons since I know where to get stuff if I really want them anyway. Plus I don't have space for figs, scrolls, or much else.

Post con depression didn't hit me till we were rolling out of the entertainment hall. Sad reacts only.

Packed up and ready to go. I think that's it for me and my car. I have other priorities outside of updating my livery this year. #animeexpo2017 #animeexpo #itasha

‪I'm technically a masker too right kek. Found more kigu at the muni muni booth. Gotta get myself a mask one of these days just to have on a shelf. I think they're cute. #animegao #kigurumi#animeexpo #animeexpo2017

these guys decided to do a smartdoll meet beside my car. #bjd #dollfiedream #smartdoll #animeexpo #animeexpo2017

I found a serval furenzu! SUGOOOOOOI! #kemonofriends #serval #animeexpo2017 #animeexpo

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