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E  Travis Fimmel and various others. No drama or you will be blocked. Not Travis, just a fangirl. Travis has NO social media accounts don't be fooled

My garden being good to me this year ❤️ #farming #growyourownfood

My poor baby. I'll be back regularly soon, thanks everyone for sticking around, it's much appreciated 💕💕💕

Mood😻 happy weekend

Those hands 😻😻 #travisfimmel #dangerclose

That intense look 😻 #travisfimmel #dangerclose pic from @themillgym

Regrann from @themillgym - Focused on preparing for his new role playing an Australian soldier in the upcoming movie @dangerclosemovie @historyvikings star @fimmeltravis came to Perth to work with @themillgym and @foresight_tactical. And work he did. Multiple daily strength and conditioning sessions, firearms handling and marksmanship, military history, field craft and tactics.
Thanks also goes to @reddunefilms for supporting Australian veterans in making this movie. - #regrann

Regrann from @themillgym - - #regrann

Regrann from @resilience101 - Just spent the week with these legends! Mick from @foresight_tactical and the ‘one and only’ #travisfimmel — Travis came to us @themillgym to prepare for his next movie @dangerclosemovie — Daily training including #running #lift #calisthenics #mobility #diving #shooting #military . Travis even jumped in on our 5am Monday @goruck #ruckclub ! I ran the #strength and conditioning and Mick is one of the top shooting instructors in Australia (and one of my old SF team-mates) ran all the weapons training lessons and shooting serials. Travis was up for anything. He picked up all the skills quickly and pushed as hard as anyone for the whole week. Absolute pleasure to work with, a top bloke and a hilarious character. 🤣😂 Can’t wait to see the movie. Thanks to @reddunefilms for supporting Australian #warveterans @fimmeltravis @travisfimmelofficial - #regrann

Regrann from @dossyteresa - When your hubby gets to hangout with Travis Fimmel and torments you with a pic! Thanks Travis @newton671 passed on your message to me, I feel all gooey on the inside 😉 #travisfimmel #vikings #ragnar #hotness #actor @travisfimmelofficial - #regrann

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