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Okay 20 Boring Facts About Me...
1.) Electronic Music Is My Favorite Music. Mostly Dubstep, EDM, Electro!
2.) Video Games Are My Favorite Hobby. I Know Its Nerdy But Im Really Good At Them. Especially Quickscoping.
3.) Alec Is My Best Friend. Ever. Ever Ever.
4.) I Just Bought A PS4 So I Havent Left My Room In 3 Days.
5.) Im 5'11"
6.) I Really Want To Be 6 Foot
7.) I Played On A Professional Gaming League Named OpTic for About 2 Weeks.
8.) I Have 3 Siblings.
9.) My Favorite Video Game Character Is Probably Toon Link.
10.) I Love Clothes!
11.) Ive Never Broken A Major Bone!
12.) I Really Want To Live In A Big City.
13.) I Really Really Really Hate Team Sports.
14.) I Love The Beach But Hate The Water!
15.) I Like Skating. But I Prefer Boards 28" And Below.
16.) If Youre Still Reading These Facts Youre Obviously Not My Friend Because My Friends Know All This...
17.) I Have The Worst Nailbiting Habit. I Have Since I Was 5...
18.) Im Done...20 Is Too Many...

Goodbye Social Life...

Back To The Assembly...

Congrats To Lorenzo!! Your Graduation Party Was One To Remember...

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