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Dynamite Cuts  All licensed, The album tracks you always wanted on 7”. DYNAMITE CUTS unleashes Pandora’s box of 45 vinyl heaven. dynamitecuts.bandcamp.com

Hello. 😁 just like to say. I know the label lists many sleeves and releases that seem to take a long time for actual release. I’m sorry for this. I just get excited and want to tell share with you😁 Keep an eye on the dynamite cuts bandcamp for all release ready and due. If it’s up there. It’s out soon. Many thanks for liking the label and it’s 7” 45 concept vibe. Lots more to come 😁🌻 Malachi Trout #musthavevinyl #dynamitecuts #45s 🔥🔥🔥🌻. Here is a list of some other release already to go for@this year. 😁🌻 jut waiting in art work and labels.... 7047 Roy ayers - For real ❤️
7048 Roy ayers - Boogie back / Fikisha 🔥
7049 Roy ayers - one sweet love to remember ❤️🔥🔥🔥
7050 George semper The perfect circle ❤️
7051/52 Dexter hansel - life on mars double
7054/55 Stefan torossi - Feelings 2x7”🔥
7056 Charles Smalls Never felt like this before - vocal / inst.❤️🔥
7057 Bernie Senensky - Lolito's theme / Beloved gift❤️
7058 steve gossman - Zulu stomp🥁 / Envy ❤️🔥🔥
7059 Starcrost - False paradise❤️
7060 Steamheat - Frozen tundra lady❤️
7061 47 Times - March Of The Goober Woobers 45 edit ❤️🔥🔥🔥 as I say on the web site dynamite cuts has opened pandora’s box of 45 delights ❤️🔥🌻😁 #dynamitecuts #musthavevinyl #45 #funk #soulgems #jazzdance #jazzfusion #soundtracks #librarymusic #breaks

Another Freesound release. Breaks lovers and record collectors be warned 😮 This one is a big one. the holy grail from the label Philopsis. soon to be added to the Dynamite cuts 7” 45 collection series mega rare Freesound labell🔥 monster breaks and loop. “Magolia” 🥁 ”Steel Mongoes”🥁 “Screw on”🥁 “flute man” All first time reissues. Must have vinyl don’t miss this one. Out in May2019 ❤️🔥🔥🔥 #musthavevinyl #rarevinyl #jackygiordano #7inchvinyl #freesoundlibrary #philopsis #i❤️45s

For those who like the Library vibes. Dynamite cuts gives you this rare gems that will be released around May 2019. Original album was released on the hard to find label Freesound out of France. Probably only 100 to 200 copies pressed of each release back in the 70s. this would set you back £400 if you could find one. “Rieka”❤️“Old Timmy” “O seven” 🔥“Gost”. all first-time reissue. Must have vinyl 🔥🔥#freesoundlibrary #breaks #rarevinyl #yantregger #jackygiordano #7inchvinyl #musthavevinyl

Oops almost forgot the Icing on the cake. The last of the Roy budd 45s collection, the mighty “Get Carter” 💥thanks to Dr Watson for having the original Japan sleeve for me to make this little mini. 2x7” pack including the killer “Main theme” 🔥💥 “Love is a four letter word” classic 60s dancer 😁🌻 “Getting nowhere in a hurry 🔥🔥and “hallucinations” first time on 45 madness must have film score release..x500 #getcarter #roybudd #dynamite

And for all you jazz dancers 🕺 the last Tarika blue release is “Revelation” a true jazz fusion banger.... ❤️🔥🔥🔥on the flip “Blue Neptune” my fav both are taken “the blue path” album... ❤️ #jazzfusion
#dynamitecuts #tarikablue #firsttimeon45

Also Out in April, as part of the Tarika Blue release will be this gem. “Dreamflower” 7” as samples buy Erykah Badu and Dilla 🔥🔥and on the flip killer James Mason and Rio Kawasaki and their tribute to Jimi Hendrix “Jimi” ❤️🔥❤️. #dynamitecuts #jazzfusion #jdilla #erykahbadu Badu #tarikablue #masonjames

Out in April the Tarika Blue 45s collection. All the gems from this killer Jazzfusion stomper “Love it” Charlie” “Truth is the key” full length and last but not Least “You’ll Be with me” all gem and first time on 45. #dynamitecuts #jazzfusion #tarikablue

Almost ready, “Strauss mania” 7” 😁❤️🔥🔥 sleeve looks great😁, tps sound superb🤔. Labels are crisp. Just waiting for the vinyl.... should be end of Feb. 🤞 available on band camp for pre-order next week. #dynamitecuts #danielsalinas dynamite.bandcamp.com

The Black Windmill 45s collection. 🔥🔥🔥A Monster 2x7” pack of budd killers. Due end of Feb. 7” heaven 😁🌻

Next Roy budd release due end of Feb. “Diamonds” Double pack 7” collection. Break samples and Funky choons 🔥🔥must have 45s set

First time on vinyl “The internecine project” music by Roy budd 🔥🔥 original cues plus spoken word from the film. Dynamite cuts gives you a 7” loaded with classic budd sounds. A must have 7” issue x500 copies only. Out soon. Watch this space. #roybudd #soundtracks #strings #rarevinyl

The Roy budd holy grail soundtrack will soon be on Dynamite cuts. 6 track from the original album - 2x7” 45 rpm of The stone killer 🔥🔥load with breaks and sample. Must have 45 set of 5 releases. “Diamonds 45s collection” “Get Carter 45s collection “ plus “black windmill 45s collection” all 2x7” releases. Watch this space #roybudd #breaks #soundtracks #stonekiller #getcarter #blackwindmill #DiamondS

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