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Mimi Taylor  L A // Ventura B Y U - AUGUST 26 // 🌴 LDS DM for shoots & collabs ✌


》in Orange County this week and next, let me know if you need photos while I'm out here! 💕 》

》don't let nothin hold you down 💪🏻 》#uoonyou #adidaswomen

》shoutout to all the pears 🍐 》 some persons been at the door for fifteen minutes go away creepy

》any movie / tv show reccs? gonna have way too much spare time on my hands next week 🤦‍♀️ 》

》summa summa feel ☀️ 》 when the floor is lava you just lay in it and melt to avoid responsibilities amirite #uoonyou

》escape the cage, spread those wings 》would you ever guess this was a motel 6 #uoonyou

》pooltime reads 🤓 》dm/comment any cool photo locations near the valley bc I'm running out of ideas 😭》

》that girl powah 💪🏻》my cheek is hecka swollen and I totally missed out on free slurpee day 😭

》when someone has the pizza 🍕 》

》looking back through old photos and it's so cringey 😬 》#freepeople

》getting my wisdom teeth pulled Monday and let me just say I'm not excited to be in bed in this heat 》

》it's always sunny in socal 》tried a new kind of edit, thoughts? 💫

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