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Speak truth  Ready

Changing is good especially when your change helps you grow together when your selfishness makes you grow apart....and you ways begin to disgust the heart that loved more than life itself...you might need to change and fast


Good bye for a good while

If i were a boy....

I have permission to do this...im here sittin with a woman that has been thru Everything....Alone and now that the stress has affected her...in an unhealthy way she is really alone...it required a stranger paying me cash to help her for a week or so....You see all the faces then you see none if i were those Faces in her life i would find a hole and crawl into it you peopme should be so ashamed after all the times she was there you only punished ger for the time she couldnt be...I watch her nap holdi g her stomach in pain...what kind of animals are you

When i say im not fa you i mean it send someone else over here and tell them im an easy lay...something gunna lay alright...amd its prolly gunna be ypu head after i split it open

Really why am i not surprised...cuz its right

Lol no we are not ....id neva eva do that

Uncle fats dont know ....does he..?

Lmao im wating for the right time to call shannon and tell her to see her instagram

Their motto

Sleeping with that ladies husband lil girls....that fuckin manchild is gunna get his trust me

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