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Dyl ☘️🇮🇪  📍Dublin ✂️Junior 🔝@TheGraftonBarber 👀DM For a trim #YUNGRY YOUNG & HUNGRY !

Buzz cut🚨
Client : @richieoc ⬅️⬅️⬅️ to see before
Loving these summer cuts coming in,as always absolute pleasure to have this gent in the chair, Richie has been a day one client thank you for the trust🙏🏼 would have loved another 5 minutes on this but had to get the homie back on time for work 🕒
Feedback and constructive criticism as welcomed as always, delighted to be back on the tools to do what I love after a rough week off, back to try strengthen any weakness keeping my focus on progression. Forever a student of the industry, Young & most definitely very hungry 🥊

Anyone looking for a haircut please DM to get in touch slots free Monday and Wednesday EVENING only, also anyone looking to enter the barber industry through education with the Grafton School please don’t hesitate to get in touch. ☎️ Happy Thursday ! ✂️ -

Shaggy dropping in for that summer crop🔪
Client : @shaggymanley
Swipe for transformation ⬅️⬅️⬅️ Feedback and constructive criticism welcome. Working my best on progressing on both my quality & my speed in my cuts📈

Anyone looking for a haircut please DM to get in touch also anyone looking to enter the barber industry through education with the Grafton School please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy Friday 🕺🏼 -

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☘️Tidy up don fhear uasal ó Mhuineacháin
Client : @tatenineten
Swipe to see before ⬅️⬅️
Listen, advise and plan 📈 trying to focus more on a good structure for my cuts, never be afraid to make the haircut your own, step outside the 📦
Feedback and constructive criticism welcome.
See if you can spot the face of #GraftonBarberTV @ acting the Dyl with my brush 😂 thanks to the lovely @thepinkelizabeth for the patience and education 🤜🏽 Hope everyone’s enjoying the weather ⛅️ Peace 🙏🏼 -

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🥊 Little flick for Friday
Client : @jerryruivo98
pleasure to have you in the chair🙏🏼 Trying out some Afro hair always good to get my hands on something different and try new techniques ! Feedback and constructive criticism welcomed !
Have a good weekend folks 🔪 -
#barberlife #barbergang#fade #fashion #andis #barberworld #menshair #thebarberpost #hair #hairstylist #barberlove #barbering #taper #barbersinctv #wahl #fresh #barberhub #barbers #hairstyle #beardgang #mensfashion #nastybarbers #barbershopconnect #haircut #style #barbershop

Any opinions & feedback welcomed ! Pleasure to have @fagansfades in the chair, raw skin fade with some spicy tiger stripes in there 🔪🌶 Models needed regularly & also home appointments avadible on request ✂️

Tidy up for Zo ⚡️ Swipe ⬅️⬅️⬅️ For more 👀

Bald fade done for Zoe before our 🍟 Staff night.
Pleasure to have her on the chair thank you for dropping by 💯
Apologies for the inactivity on the page but trust when I say I have been busy 👊🏽 might not be getting younger but I'm definitly getting hungrier everyday! ✂️

Family picture ! Want to thank @keiths_cutz for teaching me the ropes from day one and for everyone on the team for helping me in every aspect of my life 👊🏽 Want everyone to wish Keith best of luck onto his new position as I know he'll kill it on the floor 🔪 👀 I'm also extremely grateful to be able to say I am now @thegraftonbarber 's newist full time junior ✂️ couldn't have asked for a better opportunity or a better team!
Forever grateful, young and hungry ! 🙏🏻 Happy Friday 😃💈 -

Tidy up for this gent from during the week ✂️ Always a pleasure & thank you for dropping in @richieoc 💨. Watching my self progress and trying to challenge my self every week is the goal ! Loving my time at my current placement working with a team of very talented barbers only making me more motivated!
Happy Tuesday ☘

Shape up for Shaggy 🐎 send them out smiling over the watchful eye of Liz,Martha and the rest of the barber fam✂️💙 always good vibes catching up with @shaggymanley Hope everyone's having a relaxing Sunday here's to a productive week ahead !

2018 in full swing !
Pleasure as always to have Sean on the chair getting his weekly shape up ✂️the people have spoken! uploaded due to high demand on the polls thank you all🙏🏻 Regular client training his fringe to sit even due to damage caused previously, this is such a common complain from clients is that they beleive there loosing there hair etc or that's the 'Way my hair is' when in reality it's down to lazy practice by barbers following the last barber.
It's not the way your hair is
It's the way your hair is cut !📍

•Santa came in for his hot towel shave 👀 •Happy Xmas & A Happy new year to all my friends and family !
Wanted to thank everyone for the support shown on the page last few weeks you lot have been amazing 🙏🏻
Also wanted to thank everyone above for such a warm welcome lovely team to work with!
Big things coming in the new year ✂️

Pleasure to cut this dons hair✅
Went for a cut throat fade 🔪 still trying to grown the hair back on top and back healthy due to repeated use of the thinning scissors a cut or two more and it'll be sitting lovely📸
Thanks for coming in again brother 😎 !
Also wanted to apologise for the inactive been very busy in a new placement 💈 will have more posts out soon & and lastly thank you all for the support on the poll pack of legends 🔝🔥 Happy Tuesday ✂️

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