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Dylan George Thomas 

Today’s ice sculptures. Hands down one of the most counter-intuitive things I’ve done for a while. I’m used to surfing on water not walking on 12 inches of it frozen.

Happy New Year from the Thomas’ 🎉

Made some of my favorite memories while working on this album! Like the time I couldn’t fly to Canada because I didn’t have the correct visa so we decided to drive and ended up writing the first two tracks of the album in the car 👌 @therealroyalroyal

Like kids in a candy store. From a few nights ago on #wonderinthewild tour when we crashed the stage with @hillsongyoungandfree. @aodhanking and I played guitar together and we couldn't stop laughing. We may have even gone back to back. 🤦‍♂️ #whatisthislife #fendersforlife #stratsfordays

Here she is in all of her glory. A whole lot bigger and a whole more exciting. I wanted to change the game a little bit and over design a few things so I could make the most of this board in the studio as well as on tour. The good boys at @goodwoodaudio can confirm or deny if I have any of the below wrong (Which I probably do because I'm still figuring this thing out). Here's how it all works.
Guitar goes into the input box with the fancy flower design (thanks @bobiver for the silky design) LMT are my wife's initials. 💞💞 The input box also has an acoustic mute so I can plug straight into the same cable if I ever need to play acoustic. It also has a click input via xlr that then goes to my Selah Quartz which then slaves all my delay pedals.
It then goes Diamond comp into Zvex SHO into Hilton volume and then into the Cusack PBT.
After that it's pretty simple.
1 - TS-9 (my dad's old school original)
2 - Mulholland Drive
3 - Fuzz town (Cusack Scruzz & Death by Audio Micro Harmonic Transformer)
4 - Moog Cluster Flux (Cindy Lauper vibes)
5 - Cusack TAD (best new pedal around)
6 - DD5 set to 8 note division
7 - DD5 set to 4 note division
8 - Nemesis Delay into Ditto looper
9 - Fox Magnifica into Holy Grail

After that it's into my output box. And then splits to dual mono for my two amps. It also has a built in audition loop for trying new pedals out in the studio.
Let me know what ya'll think. #gearnerdsforlife

A perfect few days with my love. Summer vacay pt 1 complete. We crushed the driving range, the amusement park, outdoor fire pits, s'mores and a whole lot more. Living the dream with my dreamboat 🎢🎠🎡🏖🍭🌭🛶. Now onto the next part of the dream; Sydney for #hillsongconf2017. 🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬

Some of my favourite people in the world, and I'm fortunate enough to spend a whole lot of time with them.! We got a little excited with our balloons and attached them to the other guys car.!

This Friday June 9th we are releasing our new album #w🌏nder. I wish I could find the words to explain how amazing it has been to watch these songs come to life but let's just say I think it's by far our best album yet. Can't wait for you all to hear it. ✌️

Happy birthday to the light of my life. I could never have dreamed up a more perfect human to do this life with. You make every moment better, you live life to its absolute fullest and constantly inspire me. I love you baby. 🎂 (We can listen to as much country music as you want... it's your birthday week 🍾🍭🍪🍩🍬🍦)

It's been a wild few months. Lots of air time and countless wow moments. I haven't seen my own bed since Jan 1st but it's been an absolute blast. The last few weeks have been especially wild. Israel 🇮🇱 Bahrain 🇧🇭and Dubai 🇦🇪. The Middle East is a beautiful part of the world and the people I got to meet were absolutely amazing.

We made the most of our day off. 🛵🏍

Back with my love. She is the most supportive and patient human ever. It's been three months since I packed my suitcase and she has been an absolute trooper. She's travelled on her own to meet me, she's put her work on hold to support me and she even packed up our entire life into boxes while I was on the other side of the world. I don't know what I did to deserve you @lindsaymarcella ! You're perfect to me.

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