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Dylan Sherrard  Lover of flat pedals and large wheels, long sweet rides and swift turns. Recovering freerider. Aspiring soul stealer. #iamspecialized

What does ‘perfect’ mean to you?

I’ve had a really enjoyable wrestling match with my personal perception of perfection throughout these months of autumn.

While watching lights and shadows moving through the days, in search of certain visuals, I caught myself whispering about my findings,
“This is incredible, but it isn’t quite perfect.”
This is why I imagined an adjustment was in order.
I think we commonly treat ‘perfect’ as a criteria to be met based on our projected values. And we recognize moments as less than perfect because they fail to meet whatever imaginary, preconceived values we’re judging against.
So I was wondering, if we chose to look at ‘perfect’ a bit differently,
with less judgement,
would we recognize perfection existing all around us in much greater abundance?
Maybe ‘perfect’ can be when things just are how they are, pure, and simple?
P.s. This image feels like a pretty perfect moment in time to me.
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“I heard a great laugh, the greatest laugh in the world, and here came this rawhide oldtimer Nebraska farmer with a bunch of other boys into the diner; you could hear his raspy cries clear across the plains, across the whole gray world of them that day. Everybody else laughed with him. He didn't have a care in the world and had the hugest regard for everybody. I said to myself, Wham, listen to that man laugh. Thats the spirit of the West, here I am in the West.”
- Jack Kerouac, On The Road

Brett Tippie is a big guy.
His smile is huge.
His voice is enormous.
His laugh is monstrous.
And still somehow, his spirit is even greater.

That scene in Jack Kerouac’s novel, On The Road (well, minus the Nebraska Farmer part,)
has always reminded me of Tippie.
Because he moves through the world with spirit,
a positive vibe,
buzzing so loud
and so bright,
everyone within reach feels the impact of his presence.

“It was the spirit of the West sitting right next to me. I wished i knew his whole raw life and what the hell he'd been doing all these years besides laughing and yelling like that.”
I’m fortunate to have been impacted by Tippie’s presence more times than I count, and in ways meaningful enough that I’ve learned a lot of his
‘whole raw life and what the hell he’d been doing all these years.’

And I’m truly thankful for everything you teach, random phone calls, Deep Cove frisbee sessions, and the vibe you bring to Summer Camp each year, Tip!

Tipp-ically (ha, get it?!)
when I’m hoping to capture someone’s portrait, I watch for their eyes to look at ease and let the rest of the frame melt away from that focal point.
But in this image, with his eyes closed, Tip just has a weightless kind of splendour about him that I can’t look away from.


My dream bike.
Even on the first lap down a soggy coastal trail, something about the new Stumpjumper felt a little more comfortable than anything I’d experienced before.
Over the year, this bike has amplified everything I love about trails, and truly made my rides more special.
I should probably get her out for a spin today!
🚲 2019 Specialized S Works Stumpjumper 29

Woah, November already?
That snuck up on me.
I’ve been bangin on the f stops with Matty Miles and Soren Farenholtz for the lions share of the last month.
It’s been a riot.
And it’s been such an interesting combination of exciting and inspiring to play back and forth on both sides of the camera with the most stylish riders I’ve ever seen.
Thanks for the sessions, the frosty pre-dawn missions, the waiting on winds, the ‘one more time’ for the fifteenth times, and leaving the space to the let the process be whatever we like it to be.
I really can’t wait to share everything we’ve been working on. That was a MEGA October. -
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Big D!
How ya goin’ this arvo, old mate?
My first memory of Deon Baker comes from the morning he arrived to work at the Bicycle Cafe after a very confusing trip to ‘that Horton’s joint.’
If memory serves me well, Deon asked for a coffee and the Tim Hortons employee asked him, “What would you like in your coffee?”
“Uhhhhh, coffee?” he stated in confusion, before receiving his coffee with a shot of espresso in it.
And for the remainder of that summer of 2014, ‘coffee in a coffee’ became a daily ritual I would honour and celebrate.
That was really nice.
But even more nice, was that summer of thrashing trails of all shapes with Deon. I’ve never ridden with someone who shreds with the same precision as Deon, and I’ve never met someone who radiates the same shade of positivity, either.
Deon often told me there were no such thing as bad trails, just trails that I haven’t learned how to flow yet. And to this day, damn near every time I get flustered with a janky patch of trail, I think of Deon’s wisdom and carry on with a smirk.
Because he’s right.
That was wonderful to see you again this last summer and witness your eyes light up as you realized the impact the mountains and trails of British Columbia have had on your life. And I sure hope to see you around these parts again sooner than later, mate.
Good country.

I’m in such a wonderful space right now.
Obviously, an accurate statement geographically, as Matty and I carve between the falling leaves of Fernie’s breathtaking autumn scene.
But I’m feeling that statement on another deeper layer as of lately.
I’m feeling it when I wake up each morning, with the aches of summer long since subsided. My shoulders are moving around smoothly as I bounce from bed and into whatever I’m chasing that day.
I’m feeling it when I’m on the trail, with the stickiest dirt that’s ever touched my tires. My rides are flowing sweet and carelessly as I bob and weave while squeezing these last few weeks of warmth from the forest.
I’m feeling it when I’m behind the camera, with the light of my dreams flooding throughout every scene. My patience is being well rewarded as I’m giving myself the time to watch for moments to arrive.
And I’m feeling it in all the little in-betweens, with the thousands of passing moments that make up my days. My schedule has been relaxed, and I’m more calm and creative than I ever knew I could be.
Autumn has been a breeze. And I hope that everyone else has left themselves a little room to breath, to soak it all up, and to recognize the wonderful space you’re in.
📸 @andrewfitts
@mattygmiles @iamspecialized_mtb
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There’s a special kind of quiet that echoes over the hills as these warmer days give way to cooler tones.
Light breaks and burns a little more swiftly as the world around us fades.
Autumn has been peaking.
I’ve been thrilled to soak in its details.
And while I’m sad to watch it slowly go, I always love to watch it leave.
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It’s 2007.
I’m 17 years old.
It’s near the end of my first season in Kamloops.
I’ve got absolutely no clue what I’m doing,
I’m not really sure what comes next
(and I find that really exciting)
because I’m swimming neck deep in the naive notion that if I pour my heart into people and bikes,
and pictures and stories,
I’m probably going to end up somewhere really great.
I’m completely unaware of how low
bikes are going to beat me down,
with injuries and aches that I’ll work around long into my future.
I’m completely unaware of how high
bikes are going to build me up,
to let go of a lingering self doubt
and grow into the self confidence to
pursue curiosities.
I have no idea about the people I’m going to meet, who’ll become friends and mentors and supporters all in the same.
I have no idea about the opportunities for work and travel and play that are going to come into my world,
Or that the lions share of those opportunities are going to grow from a perfect position at the Bicycle Cafe, where I’ll spend the next 11 years working and calling home.
And I really have no idea that someday I’m going to experience the luxury of free time, or the chance to create my own work around the things I love.
This old photo,
from my friend @allanmcvicar
makes me smile, because I’ve always
remembered that point in time,
in the autumn of ‘07,
for having a distinct feeling of wonder.
And I can’t help but draw a parrellel between then and now.
11 years later,
I’ve got a slightly better clue of what I’m doing. But I’m still not really sure what comes next,
(and I’m more excited about that than ever before)
because it still feels SO nice to be swimming neck deep in the naive notion that if I pour my heart into
people and bikes,
and pictures and stories,
I’m probably going to end up somewhere really great.
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After a week in the east Kootney Rockies, I’m in love with so much right now.
I’m in love with the truth that bikes make strangers into great friends after only a few quick corners.
I’m in love with the way bikes continue allowing me the chance to visit new places and to connect with new faces.
I’m in love with the continued opportunity to get people on bikes and to enhance the experience of their ride.
Im in love with my position at Specialized and their on going support of whatever I feel like growing into.
And I’m in love with the autumn breeze, the fading colors of the trees, and the long shadows of these slowly more quiet days..
I owe such a great thanks to everyone who made our trip possible, especially @jamesrnixon and @iamspecialized for having me along for the ride.
@5k8 @daddrinks
And much love for this beautiful photo @andrewfitts 🙌🏼
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On a hot and dusty summer night, I took this photo of @noahbbrousseau almost entirely by mistake.
We had something a lot different in mind for this corner that glimmers under the last of the evenings glow. But when @kyemelnechuk rolled through to kick up some dust, my sight went completely white.
Noah was already riding into frame, so I flicked a few buttons as quick as I could before being shocked to see this image appear on my screen.
I went riding with @blakejorgenson later, and told him about that instance.
He called it a happy accident.
I thought that was a really cool term.
And I’ve continued thinking about that term ever since, imagining that an abundance of successes are simply happy accidents,
the products of being in the right places and waiting to see how things work out.
I’ve been thinking it’s a wonderful way to live life, engaged with the things I love and chasing loose goals that can be molded to shape where I am at that point in time.
Never entirely certain what I’m chasing, but trusting myself to recognize it when it appears.
So while I’m spending my Monday deep into my coffee, crushing emails and planning out this autumn,
I’m really looking forward to the happy accidents still to come.
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The first time I went riding with Ollie, he was only 7 years old.
Half way through that day, he thought it would be cool to try his first blue run, so we dropped into a new trail and learned how to ride long steep turns.
At one point on that lap, Ollie stopped mid corner and turned around,
to tell me,
“When I was younger, I never thought I’d be able to do this!”
I laughed a bit,
and I told him that he was still younger, and that he couldn’t even imagine the things he’ll be able to do someday.
Flash forward a couple years to a cold and rainy morning at Sun Peaks,
the kind where rivers run down the trails and traction feels like a far gone fairytale,
and Ollie approaches me before our camp day begins.
“Can I move up a group and ride with you today? I’m ready to hit some black diamonds.”
Several hours of skid-steering in the pouring rain, a couple rounds of encouragement from the group, and a few minor get-off’s later, Ollie had crushed all the steepest trails on the hill.
After that day was done,
I asked him why he picked the wettest day or the camp to go for the gnarliest moves.
Ollie looked me in the eye and replied,
“I dunno... I guess it was just a ride or die kinda day..”
Legendary moment.
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It felt like we were riding through a painting, while we watched the summer fading into fall.
The trails between these short skinny trees were the quietest and most colourful we’ve ever seen.
The soft sound of tires cutting into dirt was all we could hear.
The sweet feelings of free and floating were all we could feel.
Thanks for an amazing adventure in the Yukon, @sara7rose 😘
And thanks to all of our friends who truly make the Yukon feel like another home.

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