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❌⭕️  This about sums it up — 🏝 • 🏄 • 📸 • 💌 • 🎈 ~~ 📍California

tonight I'm following Kenny Powers over to his hometown to chase hurricanes and grind comps before Europe🕺🌹 #BiscuitsAndPorn #EastboundAndDown

just a simple, unedited, tuberide with an eerie background sound from Imovie sound effects. all filmed by the lord @hampositive 🖤❤️💙

if you go home with someone and they don't have books don't fuck them ❤️

I talk a lotta shit about social media BUT, when the wonderful people at #TomorrowSleep sent me my comfy new mattress in exchange for a simple #ad and a few quick questions about my sleeping habits... welllll, yep! here ya go! 😊😴🤷‍♂️ @TOMORROW 🌹

I thought facials were supposed to make you prettier? 🤷‍♂️
If you ever get a chance, try ask @corbinharris about the time he got a couple stitches in West Oz... story is a banger! #8stitches 😂💉🤷‍♂️ • 📷 @hampositive

sumbawan sunrise • needa get outta california ASAP

celebratory jumps in lieu of safely completing another sketchy Wings puddle jump 🌹❤️ @chachfiles

Happy Burthday Crane-Dogg!!! 🌹 #rattlesnakesandcondoms


a cute lil left while filming for @Snapt3 • see you all tomorrow!! 🕺🌹🤙 filmed by @carlocoral

Readyyy! @Snapt3 World Premiere this Friday, August 4th at The OC Observatory at 8pm!Get your tickets while they HoT! Can't wait to see the final production and thanks go @logandulien for putting it all together!!! See you there! 🕺

ooooh girlllll 😍

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