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Dylan Steven Geick  LGBT Advocate Wrestler, Author, Musician, Model, Vlogger Columbia 2021 Snapchat/Twitter/YouTube @ DylanGeick

I was out today filming a YouTube video! 😱 Shocking I know. Anyways look I found this cute lil gay bench! I'm so LA next thing you know imma start smiling at people I dislike.

Awesome concert last night seeing @troyesivan perform in NYC. I remember watching his coming out video on YouTube and how impacted I was by all of his content. It's really powerful to think about how inspiring self love can have exponential returns. Thanks for that. ❤️ 🏳️‍🌈

Fights last night were insane but sticking around vegas for a little more tomfoolery before I hit New York. Enjoy Brae telling you all about my thickness in the second clip. Also that's @masongeick in the black R8 who I almost lapped so what about it 😏

In Vegas to watch my boy McGregor tear it up tonight! This weekend is going to be so epic bruuuuhhhh

Got to attend this awesome event partnering @shadesofblackla and @outrightintl ! Out Right does work around the world to advance human rights for LGBTQ people in countries where they don't have the same protections and freedoms we are afforded in the United States or Europe. Please look into their work and see how you can help from here at home. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. I get to see my baby tomorrow!

Wonderful ceremony tonight honoring the amazing work that Ryan and his aunt do. I truly have the coolest friends in the world. Love when we're all in the same place. L.A. is starting to feel homey ❤️

You'll never believe where I am! We made it, and I'm alive. I just can't wait to be a star!

So @braecruzmusic and I are on our road trip to move to LA. We got lost in Texas but that's ok cuz we got found by our new favorite hats. 🤠 I fell down in probably the only puddle of mud in the deserts of New Mexico but that's ok too cuz it didn't stop me from climbing up the mountain we pulled over for on the highway. We've gone left. We've been right. I even lost $400 in a Casino in the middle of nowhere. Even that's ok though because losing money in Casinos seems to be one of my favorite things to do. Long story short, these days have been amazing. Brae has been my best friend since the 5th grade, and while we might not yet be where we're going, I think we're on the right road.

I was totally in that tube behind me in the shark tank and I also swam with a big ass manta ray that thing was crazy lemme tell you plus I was in this like wave pool lazy river and that was DOPE. If I'm rambling it's because this vacation was amazing. Goodbye Bahamas.

Enjoying a little time off from my time off. Atlantis baby!

Amazing birthday gifts from my friends and family today, and I got to spend it with the best. Thanks for the well wishes to everyone. ❤️

Here's 8 pictures of me holding various Mediterranean meats. These photographs were taken on an IPhone 7+ (no promo) and have not been edited or filtered in any way. If girls butts on IG can get millions of likes how many can these authentic meats get??

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