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Dylan Steven Geick  Wrestler, Author, Musician, Model ¿Vlogger? Columbia 2021 CHI 》NYC Snapchat me @dylangeick


People kept asking for me to post with my puppy. She cute or whateva

Happy Valentine's Day to the one boy who can outshine me every time we photo, and I don't even mind.

Pro tip: if you ever have nothing to post just turn the camera around and take an unkempt, gruff looking selfie with flash on and totally blind yourself for a few minutes. The edgy photo will be worth the burnt retinas.

When I got to school I posted a very similar picture saying I was unhappy with my body. A few people commented on that as being kind of crazy, but we've each got our own goals and levels of fitness. Gaining weight is hard when you constantly also have to weigh in for wrestling, but I've still been able to thicken up and feel a lot more athletic, so I'll call it a win. Your body is important! Take care of it! On a side note, I'm itching to ride a motorcycle so I need the weather to get warm already.

Reflect on something today.

Take in the view.

7 months being goofy and dumb and in love. Looking back on our relationship is like trying to map a whirlwind. Every day is a new adventure and somehow you keep getting hotter and it's really not fair so please stop that. You changed my life in so many ways the day I met you, and every day since you've changed me into a better man. Thank you. I love you. Oh, and a special thanks to all of you who make this life possible. We have the coolest family ever. ❤️

The most iconic thing to ever happen in Times Square?

It's cold outside and he looks better than me what the hecknuts

Proud to be one of @equinox 's "8 Humans Who Committed to Something in 2017". One day each of us will be able to live open and honestly about who we are, undefined by stereotypes or stigma. Until then, live your truth anyways. #EQXAmbassador

Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or 4th of July- Happy holidays from the Geick brothers! P.S. Our grandma was uncomfortable while we took this photo, but it's all about the fans ✊️

Sometimes I want to make my profile and captions all mysterious and edgy and intellectual but, I'd rather just be a real person. In that spirit, I'm going on a super cute date today, prepare for pics 😊

I never updated you all here but I've committed to putting out something on YouTube every week again. I just put out a video montage of our awesome EDC experience.

Just try and fuck wit my brow game hun.

6 months of lovin. And awkward, failed photo shoots. ❤️😘

Holy shit I actually just uploaded a YouTube video! It's old, from when Jackson and I first met. Part 1/3 of the EDC journey.

Just ya local daddies 🤷🏻‍♂️

For those who are new or haven't picked up my book yet, make sure to click the link in my bio to see my first book of poetry! It includes highly personal photography and a preview of a novel in progress. I'm finally working on lots of new stuff for you guys, get hyped for upcoming content!

Just in case @jaw or @f.uckboys needed something new to post I guess.

Season's finally under way. I'm out on a minor injury right now, so I haven't been able to compete yet this season. All I can say for sure is that my shoe game has improved, and I'm starting to get hungry...

Hey look I'm not wearing grey.

Five months ❤️

Name a SpOoKiEr couple, I'll wait. 🎃

2 days, holy guac. And yeah I like white t-shirts

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