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Dylan Orrell  Charlotte //☀️🌎🌻// B E K I N D

feeling kinda thankful to flo for reuniting me w a bunch of my friends this past week! ❤️❤️❤️

in light of my inability to come up with a clever enough caption, I’ll give you the last text I sent to Ethan: “I love you WAY more than waffles” 🌻

throwback/I miss the hell out of you, come home soon!

(I don’t have an idea for a caption so instead I’m gonna tell you to go listen to @thelemontwigs’ new album)

*Kesha’s “Rainbow” plays in the background*




(the rainbow on my shirt is subtly referencing the fact that pride is this weekend and that I am SO excited for it)

as it seems everyone is leaving for college this week, I want to say thank you and send lots of love to everyone I’ve met over the past four years. (especially Alan) it’s been wild, y’all 💖😊

your friendly reminder that Eileen is a queen

late but great

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