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Dylan Orrell  NC. Be kind; only love is real.

obligatory snow day post. this year is extra special because last year I was in Res in Florida all winter and missed all the cold weather. I’m happy to be home this time around.


we’re all a part of nature and it’s so easy to get sucked up into the delusion of being separate from it. Our health and well-being is the same as that of the earth and the animals around us. There’s so much beauty around us •constantly• and so few take the time to see and experience it. We are all a part of the same planet, please treat her kindly!


my family had to say goodbye to Cassidy last night. At 15 years old, Cass was still the sweetest, gentlest, and kindest soul I have ever met. The third photo was taken yesterday, after I laid on the floor with her for four hours. She hadn’t been able to move her legs most of the morning, but she summoned the energy to put her arm (leg?) around me. Even on her last day, she still managed to make me feel so loved. I know it may sound odd to call a dog selfless, but that’s exactly who she was. She was love and compassion. Cassidy was and always will be an important member of my family, and we miss her dearly.



my favorite person took me to see my favorite band! 🍋(and a throwback)

Happy Halloween/Samhain/Wednesday my dudes

Thanks for blessing the world with your light for these past 20 years. Happy Birthday ❤️


idk what to caption this so, Happy almost Halloween! You should celebrate by voting

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