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Dylan Chang  That's just the way she goes

4th spent sending

Almost forgot how much I love this place! Projects remain projects but this one’s been sitting in the backseat for a while so it was nice to finally get around to it.
Cotton Pony Low v11 - Leavenworth

Me doing what I do best: blowing flash goes.
Felt good to be outside again after fighting injuries.
Mantra - Squamish

Reading is for chumps

Life is good 😎 #chopcity

tb bc all I can do rn is look at pics. here is a bloc. a red bloc. at red rock. and tick tock goes the clock 😈

For the past 3 or so years I've been dealing with a finger injury that never really seemed to go away. The other day I finally went to see a doctor about it and, well, turns out it's been broken this whole time. With the only real solution being surgery with an 80% success rate attached to the operation and healing, I was hesitant, but decided that if I want to climb for the rest of my life it was worth the risk.
Today, I was lucky enough to walk out of a successful surgery and while there is still a chance the joint won't heal properly all that's left to do is hope 🙏
Provided the worst case scenario of joint fusion doesn't have to play out, I'll be able to get back to climbing things like this in a few months.
Chuckanut Roof - Bellingham

If you can't be good at climbing at least be good at trying

Thought this was kinda funny

Resurrection Low v10. This line always felt really hard for me but then I just skipped a bunch of holds and it was a lot easier.

From yesterday's quick day trip to Leavenworth. The Prism v9. The big projects didn't go down but the climbing was good so can't complain.

Vid of the roof. 15+ moves of power, core tension, and tech plus an improvised mantle up top 😬

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