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dyl  don’t change for people


happy birthday to my best frand, i love u to the moon and back. u make me smile/ laugh like no one else does & thanks for always wanting to pop my pimples... anyways, i hope ur day is as beautiful as u are❥ p.s nehow papa ;)

in my life, i’m judged constantly for what i choose to do, who my friends are and most importantly for what i love to do. i just don’t get it. why is it wrong to be yourself. like i mean why are people coming into and out of my life because i do something that i love. why is that? maybe it’s because they’re jealous, or because they’re angry that i’m not living life the way THEY want me to live. it’s hard ya know. i mean sometimes honestly i’m embarrassed. i’m embarrassed that i’m a dancer, i’m embarrassed that i’m not applying with society’s “rules” and sometimes i just give up. and sometimes i cry. but u know what. crying isn’t a pathetic thing to do, crying is one of the strongest things you can do; after all you’ve been through and what people have done for you, u need to let out your emotions. cause there was a point in my life where i realized , why is this my problem? i mean why does this have to be on my shoulders and why do i have to feel like crap 24/7 for being myself. i need to be strong. i need to realize that i’m living for myself and no one else. i need to learn to love myself even tho i may not be loved by some people. i will ALWAYS have this battle, but i’m happy that i know that at least i’m fighting it the right way, by choosing not to give a damn about anything anyone ever says to me, ever. i’ve learned to love myself and boy is it hard sometimes. but it’s so worth it in the end, i promise you that! don’t ever change for anyone, ur beautiful just the way u are, and u deserve the world baby... u really do.

probably the best weekend of my life. thanks to everyone for all the great memories!! ❤️❤️ #yaleleadership (ps. check out the last video to see me do a wicked improv dance solo)

happyhappyhappy !!

simply complex


get lost

So thankful for this (& kaitlyn) 💓 #synergydance

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