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Dylan Johnson  Music @human__age - STREAM/BUY NEW REMIX 👇

A truly magical weekend celebrating @girldyl and @jasonwritemeow tie the knot in the mountains above Santa Barbara. It may sound cliché to describe a wedding in this way, but it sincerely felt like an authentic experience of deep connection and love - reuniting with old friends, reflecting on our shared history with Jason and Dylan, and setting aside the busyness of everyday life to commune together. I love you guys, and I am so grateful to have been a part of it.

Preview of a new remix out today that I did for @rtik_music . I shared some of the process over at @human__age if you want to check it out. SoundCloud link in bio. Streaming platforms link coming soon

@mrjonhopkins taking the room to a different place last night

Attempting to read a chart for the first time in awhile

Thankful for this Birthday Eve cake surprise from @carolinee27 . She sent @stephenmccarty of @solar_return one of my tracks to listen to, and it inspired this beautiful creation!

I have a lot of old surfboards to get rid of. Parting ways with them for very cheap. Let me know if you’re interested in checking them out. 🏄‍♂️🏄‍♀️

Playing today at 1pm with @youth_basketball at @thesemitropic for @echoparkrising - Should be “lit”, as the kids say

I’m incredibly excited that my sister @fallonj7 is going to have a baby girl. She’s the most loving, warm-hearted person, and is going to be to a stellar mother. I’m filled with joy and gratitude, and am so proud of her. It’s an honor to be her brother and to get to be an uncle pretty soon here. .
I was extremely anxious that this balloon would pop before the reveal. A sigh of relief and a wave of happiness came over me when it all worked out as planned. 👶💓💫👌

A few more from the desert. Thanks to @saguaroandsage for the hospitality. 🌵

Explored Joshua Tree with @carolinee27 today. We each bought a disposable camera to shoot with. Something special about that limitation. Still took a few with the iPhone though.

Congratulations to my brother @dustinj13 on graduating law school. Proud of him for all of the hard work he put in.