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Dylan  97' Dawson College 5 Years Of Bodybuilding;@Dylannt2 Recreational Personal Trainer 🏝Mind Over Matter🏝

Me, Myself & Bi

Wakey wakey sleepyhead 🍳🥓

Live a life yesterdays version of you would admire.

Gave up my 6 pack for an 8 pack 🍩 (referring to last year’s beechwood post)

Just be yourself, you’re good at it. Also find people that make it easier too😁

Why live a little when you could live a lot🤷🏻‍♂️

Happy birthday to my BRUDDAH. Hanging out with you normally hurts and I’ll probably end up with another concussion one of these days... but I guess I’ve already overcommitted the past 10 years or so to being your best buddy which probably means I can’t back out now.... I just realized these things r supposed to be nice, I’ll probably stop now and just say it’s always been a hoot👬

Look on the bright side

Don’t conform to society

Can't choose your family, might as well pretend that we like each other #HappyHolidays 🥃

Personal best on bench press for 300 without a video so I thought I'd try 305 with one😅 #UP

Surprised I was on 2 legs long enough for this photo to be taken🚶🏻

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