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Im Going To Rule The World!  Managed by my Mom @chasity_Sue_

The face you make when your sister goes back to school!

Backpack challenge anyone?

So lately I’ve been trying to convince this one I’m magic! Of course it didn’t take her long to turn the tables on me. Her cream of wheat didn’t taste good- so when she wasn’t looking I added butter and sugar, she couldn’t find her phone- so after she had looked all over the front room- I told her I could find it with my magic- and it appeared from the couch cushions, she couldn’t find the tv remote, so I magically found it behind a pillow... I asked her “Do you believe I’m magic yet?” She said “I do! ... yeah Mom next time you can help me clean my room with your magic!” 🤦🏼‍♀️ #magic #shethinksihavemagic #nowwhatamigoing to do?

3 year old Dylan.... “you are a sassy actress!” 😂😂 #cutebaby #sassyactress

My food truck experiment! ❤️ her imagination goes on for days!!

I want to be a real princess! #princess

These two! Look out Kindergarten- they’re coming! @lularoecarlyprice17

Happiest birthday to this witty, determined, independent 5 year old!! I wish I could peer inside your beautiful mind to see life as you do! I love how you challenge the world, and I admire your imagination! Souls like yours transform the world- I’m so excited to walk this life with you! #shepickedmetobehermom #fab5 #shesamonet #happybirthday

This baby had her PreK graduation today! Dylan has so much life and love that shines in everything she does!! Excited for her to head into Kindergarten! #prek #dylanmonet #shesamonet #grad #prettybaby

Boss is walking Dyl to the sitters and this is the conversation.
Dyl: we have to be careful sissy.
Boss: Okay
Dyl: because somebody might try to steal us.
Boss: why would somebody want to steal us?
Dyl: Because we’re so pretty! ( done in her confident, sassy, matter of fact voice) #weresopretty #littlesister #heavenhelpme #confidenceiskey

I have no words.., 😂😂 #valleygirl #lookatme

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