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Here is a session from the other day. I am continuing on the strict pull up and glute activation train. This was the added piece for today.
5 rounds:
7 db power cln from knees;
6 l sit press;
5 cal AD arms only.
I was able to hold a high 60s rpm rate on the bike. Put a roller under the front side of ankle to allow the cast to hit that postion.

Here is just a portion of today's workout. Still focusing on glute drills and keeping the injured side working through ranges which aren't bothersome. Today added some banded kettle bell bench for should stabilization. Pull downs were lighter so I added an eccentric and pause component. I can't do more weight or I would start to put weight on the cast leg. Need to use a lighter bar next time. I added 3.75# strapped to the uninjured leg for the core drills. The cast feels a bit off balance. The crotch shot is for you Jeromy.

This week builds on last weeks sessions. I added bands to the push ups and glute bridges. Shoulder is off and dips were pushing it a tad, I'm using that as the excuse for no lock outs. Hoping to use the band to work the quad on the injured side. Utilizing the band for hammies not good yet. Could feel in calf. Did core and crossover.

As I recently tore my Achilles and I need to get creative with my training plan and body usage, I thought I might share some of the things I am doing. Today included the stuff in the video, plus banded shoulder pre work and a scalp jack series. The glute bridges were challenging and it's hard to avoid putting pressure on the calf, that's why I used a roller on the lower part of the hammie. I hope to reduce the atrophy of the glute and quad on the injured side during the healing. The hammie will be harder to do, as I can feel a bit of the calf if that muscle gets fired or stretched. The calf does cross the knee I believe.

Well, I get look forward to trying these new kicks out in like 8-10 weeks.

Doing my best @vno_fit impression. I feel like I'm missing the passion. Good work today dude!

Crew one session down at the CanWest games. @reebok_crossfit_ramsay monsters looking cooler after it too

Wheredidallthe10sgo? Danard with a 295# power clean. @reebok_crossfit_ramsay

Here is pr 2/2 for today. A matching 145kg/319lb jerk from the front. @reebok_crossfit_ramsay

You never know what may happen on any given day, but what does matter is effort. Set 2 pr's today which feel like a long time coming @reebok_crossfit_ramsay. Here is 1/2. A 145kg/319lb clean

A routine 118kg/ 260lb sn in the middle of #squateveryday from @masheliteperformance Oldman strength in emom work

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