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CHILLS Narrator / YouTube  Creator & narrator of Top15s and Chills. 🇨🇦YYC Proudly Native. 👇🏼 MIXTAPE LINK:

LINK IN BIO. I proudly present my first mixtape! 4 mediocre songs that will leave you more depressed than impressed. This track is called Sidelined.

SWIPE LEFT! I just got home from visiting New York for the first time. It seemed like the perfect chance to make this “quality” meme, and I hope you enjoy it. Now back to making scary videos. #chills #newyork

To all my teachers who said I wouldn’t amount to anything, you were right. Thank you for 500k. Mixtape dropping this summer. —
#chills 📸 @t.lieu_getitmedia
Taken at @fireniceyyc

Just found out my city's official Instagram page has me blocked. 🙁
How are they supposed to know about the mixtape I’m dropping this summer now?

#chills 📸 @t.lieu_getitmedia
👉🏼 They ended up unblocking me. It was done in error.

Chills Merch is now available! LINK IN BIO. Get a FREE Foot Lettuce t-shirt when you spend $100 or more :) 👉🏼 ChillsMerch.com

This weekend, I got the opportunity to meet with some local fans in my area. I thought the best way to show my appreciation for their support was to give them some free merch! Thank you very much to Macy and Maddie for being apart of the video, @natefityyc for setting it up and @t.lieu_getitmedia for filming.
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My face when my friend tells me they like Burger King. It’s McDonalds for life (they didn’t even have to pay me to say that). @mcdonalds #chills

Sometimes you just have to give the people what they want. Thank you internet for making me a meme, it’s the best birthday present ever. #burgerkingfootlettuce
I’ve included some of my favourite posts so far, here’s where I found them (in order):
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When the Toronto weather gives you real chills...
Captured by @t.lieu_getitmedia Give him a follow and tell him Chills sent ya. -
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Thank you for a quarter million followers :) Merch is now available! LINK IN BIO. It will only be sold for the next 6 hours. Enjoy!
Photo by @t.lieu_getitmedia. Give him a follow and them him Chills sent ya.

Got a big chunk of the merch site completed today. Still much more work to go though before the initial launch. Thank you all for your patience. From the start I didn’t want to rush this but instead, make sure the quality is at a level I’m happy with, while still keeping my YouTube videos my biggest priority. I promise to get everything ready as soon as possible.
Photo by @t.lieu_getitmedia. Give him a follow and tell him #Chills sent you.

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