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Dylan Bailey  O|||||||O University of Cambridge 21' Stay humble, stay pure

As my great grandmother, Evelyn Penatiello, has passed today, I am glad that she has finally risen from this troubled world and passed through, to other side. As the song goes, I want to be in that number as the saints go marching into those pearly gates of Heaven. My grandmother is one of those saints, a "holy roller" and was proud of it! I am aspired to be of that few that will rise up and show the joy of the Lord like my great grandmother did. As this world is filled with fear and turmoil, Jesus is love and peace! I love my family and what God has pulled them through. I'm much more in love with the God that has given me and all of us the right to live, experience the love of Him, and to be able to go to Heaven, the ultimate gift given to man!

Post NAYC feels. #jeeplife

My fam is the best!!! #nayc17 #cousins #awkwardfamilyphotos

I had such an amazing time in Indianapolis, Indiana for NAYC. As I walked into the stadium
I could already feel the change this congress was going to have and history was made.
No longer will you see the UPCI contained in such a small crowd, but we will only grow to higher amounts than anyone can expect.
I am honored at the privilege me and my people were blessed with, to be a small part of this history in the making! I am pleased to be able to meet and take pictures with all these beautiful men and women of God. It's been inspiring.
This was an amazing experience and I can't wait for more!
#nayc17 #chosenworship #whatintheworld #isthatyourdog? #takeapictureupsowelookskinnier #UPCI

This was an honor to play at the biggest UPCI event in history. I thank God for all that he has brought me through and lifted me through all storms and tribulations. To be able to give me the opportunity that only God could give that most would call, " once in a life time" and I can't wait for what more God will bring me though next. #nayc17 we out here!!!

Hey, did you know we are all singing for Thursday jumpstart at NAYC?! Yeah I'm excited too!!! #ChosenWorship is litt🔥, so see us there!

There's no wifi here!

Alexa... play "My Heart Will Go On"

I feel like a bodyguard in this picture. 🤔

We cross arms like we cross people.

We got the love glasses on brah

Yeah that's right, we're fabulous! #mddcriot17

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