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•- 🌿070800🌿 -•  EXO♚ Calligraphy ♚ Sleep 😺Your typical cat lover😺 🙈|Full-time blur sotong in training.|🙊 🌊Visit @callimebaby for freelance calligraphy!🌊

Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re.

“Like the sea, she keeps kissing the shoreline no matter how many times he pushes her away.” 🌊

Can’t believe I have to travel for nearly 2 hours just to go to work later on 😨 Oh wells, at least the pay is okay 🤣

I know it’s barely been a month since the end of December but... I kinda miss travelling 🤣 Throwback to two years ago in Taiwan.

Having a job might not be that bad after all 🤣 Ate some yummy 火锅 at Clark Quay today with @eve.sjy

“Solum omnium lumen.” ☀️ Gosh I went for my first job interview today and I think I must’ve chucked down a whole bottle of water before I went into the interview room 🤣 But all in all I think it went great.

Alis volat propriis 🕊

USS yesterday 😝 Spent the whole day queuing and walking so now my legs are dying. Still, it was worth it 💓 p.s. @eve.sjy we missed you so much!! Send me a full body picture of yourself so I can photoshop you into the group pictures 🤣

First meet-up of 2019 😝 Tried out Project Acia for the first time and it was super nice 👍🏻 First two pictures involve me being stupid.

And so I spent the first day of 2019 getting shat on by a bird 🐦, discovering mysterious unicorn rainbows 🌈 and then nearly getting struck by lightning 🌩. What about you? 😊

🐱Shanghai Day 5🐱: We went to Yuyuan Gardens for a stroll today and omg... There were so many cats! 😍 The scenery in the garden was also pretty amazing, if only there wasn’t a large crowd 🤣

🌊Shanghai Day 4🌊: Today we booked a private tour to Wu Zhen, meaning that we had to wake up early to take a 2 hour drive down to our destination 🤣 Despite the small drizzle which accompanied us all day long, the scenery at Wu Zhen made everything worthwhile 😝 We took a break during lunch and got to taste some local dishes 🤤 Now my legs are dying and I think it’s time to call for room service for dinner again 😂😅

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