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Sposito  "When youre whole squad dabs on da yeet 😹" - Gunnar Culp


George Washington: Are you liberated?!! Me: what

Time and memory are weird. It's been long enough that my brain has started romanticizing Ferris highschool, and how I was during that time. Those weren't good times—I suppose they weren't terrible, but I wasn't just loving it like my memory'd have me believe. With enough distance I guess my brain just latches on to what was good and what wasn't, and that's that.

them, staring in my computer bag: can i use your computer
me, pretending not to acknowledge my computer bag: no
them, forcefully: please?
them, grabbing my computer bag:
them, opening it to reveal a gallon of milk: what the fuck

Meeting George Lee was one of the coolest that's ever happened to me

So I'm going to use the bathroom—I open the door, and the first thing I hear is some kid just blaring Lil Wayne from the stall. As soon as I step in the door he like scrambles to turn it off. I pee in peace, and then the second I leave I can hear from outside, it comes back on again

Fucking prove it to me. Prove to me I'm not a fucking tree. U can't. Have u ever even been to a forest? Look at a map

<Damsel in distress> <standing with her parasol, on a crowded street corner> oh, oh! Does anyone have a phone book? she cries <hard cut to phonebook man's eyes> <sword unsheathing sound effect>

enter: Phone Book Man! <eagle sound effect> I ALWAYS HAVE A PHONE BOOK!

pbm runs on screen to give the damsel the phone book <damsel receives the phonebook> now i can look at my favorite advertisement :-) .

Shot-reverse-shot: damsel looks, Advertisement is a picture of a lamp captioned "lamp", damsel smiles

This is from the 22nd but i havent posted it until now

Idea: join orchestra ironically
Idea: slash open people's sprinklers
Idea: I get a cardboard cutout of myself and run an instagram for it
Idea: eating scissors
Idea: ironically wear che guavera tshirts
Idea: go down multiple pages of google and see what kind of internet rabbit holes you can find

1. MJ looks like ted cruz in his school photo
when asked about it,
"I had mono"

2. MJ was banned from slither.io for cyberbullying

3. MJ: "Hey, do you need your flashdrive back?"
MJ throws it, missed by 15 feet and hits the whiteboard
MJ, unfazed whatsoever: "I'm at debate camp for a reason"

4. MJ could be blown away by a strong gust of wind

5. MJ: "I bowled competitively"

6. MJ, on the night before a debate: "Hey do you want to get up at 2:30 to watch the world cricket championship?" .
7. MJ knows a kid who got expelled from 5th grade because he brought ninja stars to school. "After, we had to have a meeting about not bringing weapons to school, no matter how cool they are."

Getting pretty... silly

Did u know i'm a fucking tree bitch? I cut myself in half every month. I'm fucking gaia. I gave birth to your mom

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