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Dave Woodruff  USMC Veteran, 0311/8152. @Wishes_for_warriors. Security Contractor. @Decisive_Action. Aerospace Major at MTSU. Snapchat: Dwoody14.

Little Kona isn’t so little anymore. #MansBestFriend

Throwback to Alaska last summer. I need to get back up there this year to try to top my King Salmon! Swipe for Instagram size VS reality, and more shots from the trip. @wishes_for_warriors @alaskaoutfittersunlimited #WishesForWarriors #Alaska #Heaven #FreeRange #NonGMO #SomeSalmonWereHarmedInTheMakingOfThisPost

I took this four years ago today, as I drove out that damn gate for the last time, DD214 in hand. It has been a wild ride these last four years. I may not miss the circus, but damn I miss the clowns. #EASBabyYouCantStopTime #USMC

Happy Tuesday. #Why

Throwback to one of the best days of my life. My grandmother, Queen Sally shooting a Barrett M107 at the tender age of 84. To answer the most common comments in advance, I was holding the buttstock and the mag so that she wouldn’t get hurt. And there was only one round loaded in the mag to avoid an accidental discharge. Her birthday is coming up... anyone have a hookup on a 20 millimeter cannon? I think that’s the only way to top this... #GunControl #BaddestGrandmaOnThePlanet #QueenSally @barrettfirearms

Remember kids, never go full semi-automatic. Shout out to @patriot_alliance for making the best shirt of the year! #FullSemiAuto #GunControl #ThisWillBeACatfishPictureIn321...

Little monster. #Kona

Happy Friday. Here’s a video of Kona being adorable. #DoYouWanna #BlackLabsMatter

This one time, after boot camp, 17 of us got NJP’d while on a vacation in Guantanamo Bay. A few of us platoon privates decided to get together and document our slick sleeves before the ball. #Tbt #2010 #ODOnRipFuel #WreckingTrucks #TakingNaps #UnderAgeDrinking#ThanksAlotAskew #LTVastolaWasCrying #TiernyWasAGay #ExplosionsEverywhere #SaltySteveHasTheTiniestPenisIveEverSeen #WhyDidHeBringCondoms? #FakeAssSealTeamProblems

I actually got this on my second attempt. But then tried and failed a bunch of times after. Again, this is an essential skill to have if you ever plan on being in a gunfight. #RealWorldTraining #InstagramEdition #BeenDoinTheseForYears #SoThatsCool

Holy hell I want to make my own now. #Merica #GunControl VC: @midwest_whitetails_1

Absolutely shocked and saddened to hear of this warrior’s passing. Sergeant Major Todd Parisi was one of the best Marines I ever served under. He was without a doubt, the most motivated and enthusiastic individual I ever encountered in my enlistment. He inspired hundreds, if not thousands of lives in his time on earth, both inside and outside of the Corps. Guys, if you’re hurting or just need someone to listen to you, please reach out. Rest easy, Sergeant Major. You will be missed. #HardCharger

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