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Dave Woodruff  USMC Veteran, 0311/8152. Wishes for Warriors. @Decisive_Action. Snapchat: Dwoody14


WCW is @1nub_wod_crusher. He didn't actually lose a leg in Afghanistan, he lost it by hanging his feet out the window stateside. #Wcw #PleaseKeepLimbsInsideTheVehicle #PurpleHeart

Well isn't that the damn truth. #ItsTrendy #2017InOnePicture

This is Luna. She's deaf, partially blind, and a little bit slow. Luckily she's cute and fun to hang out with, even if she is a little bit special. #Catahoula #SpecialPup

Come thru fam @decisive_action
The Decisive Action Beef Beer & Brass weekend is coming Nov 2-5 at Strange Farms in Ellaville, GA! The name has changed but the event is only getting better. We're returning to co-ed this year and have added new training modules. We will proudly be bringing some wounded vets from @wishes_for_warriors again along with our official event sponsors! Registration is live on the site. Sign up while you still can. 32 spots available! #beefbeerbrass #trainlikeyourlifedependsonit @adamsarms @bravoconcealment @rubberdummies @theneomag @inforce01 @highperformancefirearms @overkillbylance @eatwelldiehappy @bluestallionbc @budsgunshopky

Pretty sure this is gonna get reported for being pornographic but I don't really care. @barrett #DatFittyDoe #GunPorn

This is Booker. Booker is special. #JustCatThings #NoAnimalsWereHarmedInTheMakingOfThisPost

I've found that moving freshly cut grass around is more fun to do with a Barrett than it is with a rake. #SendIt #YardWork #IfYouAskWhatKindOfGunItIsIHateYou #ProbDidntEvenHitMyTarget #Namaste #ThanksCraig. Shout out to @seth.woodruff for taking gas in the face like a champion all day. #DoItForTheGram

Sometimes you just have to pick up a 50 and have some fun. Unsuppressed VS suppressed. And yes, it kicked my ass. @barrett @daily_badass @bad_ass_official #Barrett #Namaste #KingOfEarPro #NotTo50! #SolidTuesday

Well... It looks like I'm gonna give this whole college thing a shot. All registered for classes, going for a degree in aerospace and unmanned vehicle operation. In other words, I'm getting paid to go to college to learn how to fly drones. Thanks Uncle Sam. #BillyMadison #CollegeKid #WhatIsMyLife

Well that's neat. #WouldYouJustLookAtIt

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