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Dave Woodruff  USMC Veteran, 0311/8152. Wishes for Warriors. @Decisive_Action. Snapchat: Dwoody14


Javs are pretty neat. #ItsABird #ItsAPlane #ItsDeath #Sry

At 155 feet high, the Double Arch bridge offers an awesome look at Williamson county. However, because of its height, many people choose to commit suicide by jumping off. On Saturday, someone decided to end their life about five minutes before I got to the bridge. I don't know who you were, or what your story was. But I'm sorry that you felt this was your only option. I only wish I'd left my house five minutes earlier and maybe, just maybe, I could have talked you down. Reach out to someone if you need help, guys. There's always a choice. #RestEasy

This guy and I feel the same way about ants. #HeGone

I'm normally not one to post mirror selfies. But... On the left was just about a year ago. About 185 pounds, sick, and depressed coming off of an addiction to pain killers after a failed spine surgery. On the right is today. About 215 pounds, fluffy, and happy. I may not be able to deadlift or squat ever again, but that doesn't mean I can't work out. Where there's a will there's a way. Don't quit. #HalfAnAbLeft #ShouldProbEatBetter #PermaBulk #EveryDayIsArmDay

One of our own needs our help. The man picture is named Aimal Zafari. He's been working constantly since 2009 as a linguist for US forces mostly in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Aimal was recently shot twice in the back while working in Kabul which has left him paralyzed from the waist down. Aimal was mere months away from receiving a green card and achieving his dream of becoming a United States Marine. Aimal's healing process has become complicated due to bed sores and infections, but thankfully, he is now in New York under great care. A gofundme has been set up by a couple of guys that served with him to help take care of medical expenses and to purchase a handicap accessible vehicle and wheel chair. Let's help this dude out, (even though he'd never ask for help) he's sacrificed a hell of a lot for our boys down range and could use some support. Link to gofundme for more information and donations is in my profile. #TakeCareOfOurOwn

If there's ever an active shooter at Fort Bragg, this is who is coming to save you. Maybe next time they should get a real CQB instructor that has over 100k followers on Instagram... #JasonBourne #FlagCity #MuchTactical #VeryMilsm #SadButTrue

Behold, a wild Glock 19. #GunPorn PC: @whisky_nate

Wedding seasons continues. #StopProjectingOnMe @whisky_nate

6 years ago this dude began the fight for his life after stepping on an IED in Afghanistan. Technically, Erik died. Multiple times. But thanks to the guys around him, expert medical staff, and sheer will power, he pulled through. Over the last three years I've been able to witness the power of determination and his no quit attitude, and I couldn't be more proud to call him a friend and brother. He's also a great subject for pictures and still holds the title of the best picture of I've ever taken. Love you bro! Fight on. @erik__g #AliveDay #NoQuit #WishesForWarriors

Good times with good people. Now if only @frankiepat would wear a shirt that fits him... #Johnnies #WereGettinOld

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