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Dave Woodruff  USMC Veteran, 0311/8152. Wishes for Warriors. @Decisive_Action. Middle Tennessee. Snapchat: Dwoody14


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Next Vehicle Defense Course is June 10th at @budsgunshopky ! Cost is $290. Be sure to subscribe to our email list on the website for discounts. For more info on classes visit the classes section on our website and sign up today! #trainlikeyourlifedependsonit @steinerteamamerica @bravoconcealment @rubberdummies @inforce01 @adamsarms @highperformancefirearms @beardhousemedia #vehicledefense #tactics #ep #psd #training #lawenforcement #leo #safelightrepairsafelightreplace

Way out there, right in the middle of that storm, is a platoon sized element of grunts. Of this I have no doubt. #Tennessee #Photoshopped

Making memes about @clark_.w._griswold is the cool thing to do now. Give him a follow if you need some motivation to stop being a little bitch. #HeCanProbablyOutshootYou #SickBurn #CatchTheseHandsSon #PurpleHeart

Happy 36th anniversary to the greatest parents I've ever had! Here's to a few more decades! #MyParentsAreCoolerThanYours #WheresWhiskyNateGone?

Just an F22 Raptor doing F22 Raptor things. #JetPorn #ChemTrail #ItsAllAConspiracy VC: @airtattoo

Damnnnn Ranger rompers are a thing!! #Hooah #RangerRompers @pop_smoke_official

Shots fired. I laughed. Pretty hard. #Rompers2017 #BringOnTheRomp

An accurate depiction of me getting ready for summer. #DadBodForLyfe VC: @regattadogs

Cummins falls always provides a good view. #Tennessee #NotSoManyTensDoe

My Ma is without a doubt, the greatest woman I have ever met. Yes I'm biased. But I really don't think anyone else would be able to put up with five sons quite as well as she has. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Mom. You've done more for me than anyone, I'll always have a dance saved for you, and I will always love you. #MyMomCanBeatUpYourMom

A face of enthusiasm. #HoodRatShit PC: @charliemikesolutions

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