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Dave Woodruff  USMC Veteran, 0311/8152. Wishes for Warriors. @Decisive_Action. Aerospace Major at MTSU. Snapchat: Dwoody14


@barrett M107A1 with their QDL suppressor. The suppressor weighs nearly five pounds, takes about 23 decibels off, and only costs a cool $3k. It also kicks your ass about 14% more than unsuppressed. 100% would recommend ear pro. #SundayGunday? #IsThatStillAThing? #Barrett

Happy 59th birthday to the man I look up to most in life. I'm beyond blessed to have such an incredible role model as my father. He's put up with more of my shit than anyone should, and I love the hell out him for it. You look damn good for 59, old man! #HBDpops

When you really need that @redbull mid-flight. This video is now my main motivation to get my pilot's license. #RedbullisLife #JustPilotThings VC: @redbulluk

Six years ago I managed to pull a pretty good surprise on my family at church. They weren't expecting me to come home from my deployment/vacation in Spain for another few weeks. #USMC #HomeComing #Surprise Couldn't have made it happen without help from @tycott and @davidsona89.

Kona wants to be friends with Booker, but he isn't sure what to make of her yet. Swipe for more puppy spam. #Kona #Puppy #BlackLab

I guess you could say we were both pretty excited to see each other. I'm not gonna be able to pick her up for much longer, this little girl is gonna be a monster. #Kona #BlackLabsMatter

I honestly wish I had a professor at school with this much enthusiasm. #Pomogranate #NoneOfThose #WishAMFWoult #SayIt #BlessYourHeart

I miss this grumpy, conceited, temperamental old girl. #Mystic #GrumpyOldBitch

Here's a video of a much younger and smaller me taking OC spray like a little bitch. Still the worst Thursday of my life. Also, I'm aware that this video looks like it was filmed with a potato. Back in that day, we didn't have iPhones. #OC #NonLethalWeaponsCourse #NoThankYou #USMC VC: @gunnermemphis

80% of you with "fit" somewhere in your Instagram name actually have a disease. Go get checked. #LookedBetterOnTheGram #AngleGameTooStrong #PoseSoHardNobodyGoneRecognizeMe #SendMoreFitTea #BrandAmbassador

I'm a sucker for pretty girls that can get dirty and still function when they're needed to. I'm also a fan of good hardwood floors. #MainChicks #GunPorn

My 19 has been having major issues feeding and ejecting today. #InstagramOperation #Glock50

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