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: watching extraordinary homes on Netflix is my weekend leisure. That and scrolling through my dead tumblr blog because my life is so exciting.
gould - and breathe

: so @longwoodgardens was a good time, hope to go back soon. I’ll be sure to wear all green so I blend in next time. “Is it a rare tropical bush!?” No, it’s just me.
@smino - anita

: I miss a good grey backdrop. It’s just something about a deep grey color that reminds me that life could be worse. I found $5 in my pocket earlier, life’s good man.
@katyb - heavy

: on my way to longwood gardens. My first time going. If it’s as nice as people say it is, I’ll become one with the trees.
@steve.lacy - playground

: going through fashion week archives. Something from last season. Looking at this jacket is keeping me warm on this cold ass bus.
@mintconditionofficial - pretty brown eyes

: it’s 9:29 and I decided to make a playlist of my favorite #tedtalks on YouTube. I couldn’t think of anything else to talk about right now so I figured I’d share that.
@dojacat - yeeeah

: I think the hardest part in posting so frequently is making an effort and finding stuff through folders of mislabeled archived photos. The search bar has not been my friend lately.
@jarreauvandal - chamber of reflection

: i figured a 1am post was appropriate since I didn’t get the chance to post earlier. Either way it’s not a new day until I go to bed. *insert censored middle finger emoji*
@levenkali - nunwrong

: it was cold this day. I’m almost positive @katytokley handled it way better than I did, I complained the whole time in my head. So glad it’s summer time.
@goldlink - zulu screams

: decided today I’m going to make a conscious effort to post twice a day. Which means a bunch of archive stuff I forgot I even took, with people who probably hate me now.
@feliciathegoat - Igor’s Theme

: gonna just do all my creative shoots off my fujifilm x100f from now on. It’s compact and easy to sneak into places. I tell people it’s a cell phone anyway, they can never tell the difference.
@flyinglotus - more

: so I took these fire portraits of @colettelushtheginger when I was in LA and she worked her ginger magic and made more fire edits. I don’t have ginger magic so I downloaded an app.
@kaytranada - dysfunctional

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