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David Vujanic #4nBoyz  Part Time Rapper & Creator///Full Time Sexy Foreign Boy/// contact@davidvujanic.com


⚡️⚡️⚡️JEEZ 💃💃💃

Whys my fist clenched like I'm about to swing Poet in the jaw 😂😂😂 ...pleasure to chat to Robert Pires on a quick one, shame about the shirt tho 😝😝😝 (video on @copa90 Youtube later on) ps ps. Fade courtesy of Angel at @champsbarbers ...got me feeling like a solid 7 out of ten)

Justice for Grenfell 💜

Heroes 💜

Made the "Twitter Moments" homepage. Go have a gander. 💜

The rise of the REAL...have a nice 2017 in full effect 💜💃

OOOO JEREMY CORBYN OOOO JEREMY CORBYN....CONSCIOUSNESS IS RISING....THE YOUTH ARE HERE TO STAY !!!! THEY UNDERESTIMATED OUR INTELLIGENCE, TRIED TO IGNORE US RAISED TUITION FEES, LED WARS, built a climate of fear and hate, we are seeing through it all. We are the future! Politics aside though, this Corbyn rise is a win of heart and spirit over adversity. Whether you voted Tory or Labour we are all just products of our environment, stay looking within, work on yourself, become a better being for yourself and your environment. Challenge social constructs that build anxiety and depression within and look to the light. Your inner health is more important than any election, we are born as beings of love in to a mess of a world created by those that came before us. Whether you're UKIP, Tory, a banker or a bin man, our source is the same, we are HUMAN!!! We CAN all live and love on this earth and let's keep fighting that good fight. Big up, bless up and one love ! Ps. I don't know anything and don't take the above as how you should be, you are you and on your OWN journey, every day is a new day to evolve and transform & Im just glad to be experiencing all this world has to offer, BRRRRAPPPPP. 💜

I'm not gonna tell you who to vote for .... 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂#Jezza4PM

Euronews Boyz ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️#Vote4Corbyn

Don't step to the 🌊 if you can't 🏄🏼 ...yo @asos holla man I'm ready for this modelling ting 💥

When IKEA is life ⚡️⚡️⚡️ (outfit by @leimai_lemaow)

Paper Boyz 📝 ps. Vote Corbyn June the 8th or your nan May freeze to death this winter. XoxoX ps ps. Theresa moving naughty thru them fields 😈😈😈

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