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Ariënne  Follow your ❥ & me visiting the world ^.^


This random shoot was the most fun to do! Surrounded by good people, i didn’t feel insecure, so thankful! Thank you @achimdekkers for this pretty picture and @i_vzla for supporting me. 💖

You don't drown by falling in the water, you drown by staying there 🌊 (I reallyyyy like these pics - swipe!) 💖


📷: Dvrkview

So I was afraid at first because some of them came to swim underneath me or next to me. Thought they would bite me :3. I always want to touch things because I want to know how it feels. So I did touch the turtles when they approached me. With this one I got a bit overly excited so I wanted to touch it again it was so adorable to see this turtle swimming with me so I tried to keep up. Normally they only go up to breath in some fresh air, this one didn't so I thought it wasn't scared of me. But then he got a bit scared! The other ones stayed with me but this one swam away =( I didn't mean to scare or harm him so I let him swim away and afterwards he came swimming with me again and then I made a beautiful picture which I'm going to upload tomorrow. This was a beautiful experience. If you let them approach you just gently touch them. If they don't swim away it's okay. If they get scared just let them swim and maybe eventually another one will approach you or the same one. I couldn't tell the differences. Except for the biggest one! Haha. I call that one "ninja madre turtle". And please don't feed them junk food, they get to eat fish so I think that will be good enough! 🐢

Back in my city, 1°C .. I miss my vacations & the sun. =(

Currently in Marrakech but still haven't post all my previous locations 🙈🐫

"I dont want u tomorrow cause tomorrow is complicated but i can give u tonight a memory for the rest of your life." - 🦅-

How can u trust feelings when they dissapear just like that? 💭

What we see depends mainly on what we look for. - so in this case I'll pretend my hair doesn't look like straw 👀❤️#love #yourself

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