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Dev  🏋🏾Powerlifter 📜400 Squat | 231 Bench | 462 Deadlift 🍽Foodie Challenger 📺YouTube : DevTV Turn Notifications on ↗️ ⬇️Watch Latest Video - Big Mac


308lbs/140Kg for 10. I’m more concerned with the form ATM it’s looking better every time I try. PS watch my story it’s lit AF 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

TWWWOOO CHAINS. Never used them before BUT they sick AF.

Ass down, chest up. I think I’m chanting this in my 💤 at the moment. Do you think 🤔 my form is ok.

Working on widening my grip to decrease the range of motion. Top set @ 154lbs/70Kg AMRAP set.

Can you really beat the squat 🤔 225.5lbs/105.5Kg for 10 reps (top set)

Testing out My OHP 1RM definitely got more room but didn’t want to OVER do it here’s 132lbs/60Kg moving very well.

NEW video is LIVE on DevTV (YouTube). Go smash the thumbs up butt on 🍑LINK in my Bio @dvnr1

418lbs/190Kg for a Sumo PR. I think I’m in love.

OHP, oh how I missed you. Here’s 104.5lbs/47.5Kg for 11...PS I can’t count. Stay in skool kids.

Seeing how far I can push this Sumo stance. Here’s 374lbs/170Kg moving pretty good if I do say so myself

Loving da SUMO. Top set@ 286lbs/130Kg for 10. Movin like lightning 🌩

Been a while since I even touched 220lbs/100Kg but it flew up (with a little bounce 🤫)

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