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Eddy "KNOXXY" Knoxx  Google : KNOXXY-Pablo. #DVMNDREVMERS Shop : DAMNPIGEON.NYC ••• Owner, Designer, Artist, Painter


When I really need u ! U are there. These past few days Wit my bestie have been awesome. I wouldn't trade our Friendship for shit duke. U the big sis my momma neva had; so I had to find u myself. @siya . Thank u big homie and congrats on finishing yet another album. #knoxxy #siya #Bestie #GOAT #bestFemaleOuttaBK

Awkward, ugly, lil nigga turned litt! I wonder if It was the DVMN? 😒😏 either way, I'm grateful. I'm talented. I'm HERE! And I'm not stopping anytime soon 😘thanks loves. #dvmn #knoxxy #dvmnsquiatCollectionOutNow @shotbydilate

I don't express myself with muted colors or words! I speak in color. Expressing myself thru my sheer talent in fashion. With that being said, DVMN introduces the DVMNsquiat IV. This fabric speaks for itself. Cop up #dvmn @shotbydilate

Fire in the heart sends smoke into the head. DVMNSquiat IV. @shotbydilate

BOSTON! New store alert. Go SHOP DVMN at @shopv2iii ! All year long! 〽️ #dvmn #V2iii. DVMNsquiat.IV is out now • scroll left and click link to shop.

DVMNsquait. IV . #DVMN. The fourth installment to the DVMNsquiat. They come around like once a year because fabrics come and they GO! But when I find rare, beautiful, wild, artistic patterns I LOVE! I grab it all and create the DVMNsquiat, In honor of my main man Jean Michel - Basquiat. This is the 4th installment, enjoy!

9AM. Riding bikes. Random hikes. Ya fav Dyke! #DVMN #DVMNyouKILLINem #DYKEbySiya #GoogleIT #knoxxy . Without this, there could never be THAT #nature〽️ excuse my service if this never gets posted🌊

I love this DVMN shit. I love the hustle. I love the WORK. I love the WAR. Find Suttin u love and love it back! The revolution will not be televised . Warrior ready. Don't let em tear u down without consequence. Boss up in mind, body, resources, and spirit! Support focused black businesses! Dope ppl do dope shit; together! With that being said, Check out my new collection and tell me ya thoughts. #DVMN. The #DAMN Tshirt is mean . New summer stuff. New caps. #HavingAgreatDay #knoxxy

MIDNIGHT Spring / Summer collection is dropping! Swipe left to preview the LOOKBOOK NOW [only 10 looks]. #dvmn purchase the entire collection May 17, 2017. Thanks to all the folks who came and shot for DVMN. @unfckwitable.1 @lilholiday @caviarthegreat @soho_donn @siya @dvmnknoxxy @ktfrancesorr @ashelina_ajw

Knoxxy ft. Siya - Let You Go. @siya. We wanna do a show in Colorado and get that 🍃🍃 in the air. What's a good venue for a show in Denver? Let us know GAWDS #dvmn #siya #knoxx #dvmndrevmers #besties #blood #sis we bouta start moving this La musica

Happy Mother's Day to you @karabrooks09 . You haven't missed a day. A phone call. A performance. A game. You've literally been there to support me thru EVERYTHING. No matter if it's break - up talk or a Ratchet club performance; u are always there. No matter the fault. I jus love the hell out of you. Truly honored u are my mother! Wish u were here to turn up wit me BUT I kno I'll see u very soon. Love u momma and happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out here! Today is for YOU #DVMN

MODELS NEEDED for Sunday , MAY 14th. DM me if interested. We are looking for anyone who can "serve face"! If you need an example of "face serving" jus refer to the picture above. I would use these models but they are booked all month long @siya @taeknows ! MODELS NEEDED . MODELS NEEDED in Los Angeles area. We are shooting the spring summer lookbook. Thank you 〽️〽️💪🏽💯 btw look out for our R&B group.

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