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DVDASA  David Choe and Asa Akira present #DVDASA (Delicious Vampires Donuts Always Sulking Around) davidchoe.com asaakira.com MANGCHI.com

DVDASA | The Ranch Readings
We have some special shit for you today. For all of you asking and whining for some new shit- fuck you. This is for the patient motherfuckers, the ones who keep moving, who don’t try- this is for those who do. Tonight we got some top secret shit for you. We’re going to show you the sedition of four audition tapes cut together for an Off-Broadway show called The Ranch. Featuring The King Roddy Piper, Slink aka Black Jesus, Friday Night Lights’ Zach Gilford and Fancy Hong aka Stacy Adams acting as the character of your savior: David Choe. Watch them teach you the lessons that you should have already learned. To be attentive to your curiosity, and more importantly, to have the courage to follow through. To keep going, keep moving, keep running, keep drawing, keep cumming and never stop. Don’t try. Don’t wait. Get scared, get scarred. Be confident. Be yourself and fuck everyone else. Serve. Do good. Put on your cum mitts and commit fully. Make it to the top of the mountain. Enter the CHOEMATRIX and enter The Ranch. This isn’t for everyone. The only thing guaranteed in life is death. But what you make lives forever. The creator doesn’t matter- it’s what’s created. Even something that’s done lives on. In the end, all you have is yourself and no one is going to save you but you. Enough of this blah shit bullshit- it’s time for me to stop telling you what to do and for you to do it yourself. The nest is a mess, time for you to fly or die trying. Go-
@slinkjohnson @realroddypiper @zachgilford713 #StacyAdams #FancyHong #BlackJesus #AdultSwim #WWE #FridayNightLights #DVDASA

After a long lovemaking session or during a boring meal when I'm being lunched, I'll find my hand scribbling down some madness on a scrap of a napkin or a piece of paper. Sketches, drawing, doodling- whatever the fuck you want to call it, I'm doing it. People always go- how did you get like this, what's the secret? There is no secret. You do the work. Never stop drawing. The greatest artists are people who never stop. You want to get ahead- keep drawing. Draw viciously, draw relentlessly and wear this shit to let people know you know. Available at http://shop.davidchoe.com/collections/mens/products/sketch-premium-t-shirt #art #sketch

This is how @bobbytrivia listens to the new @mangchihammer Vinyl LPs available at shop.davidchoe.com - how do you listen to them? Show us and tag your photos with #Mangchi where we'll repost the best here 🍆 #seduce

People ask, why the fuck press a #vinyl record anymore? The answer- why the fuck not?! You fuckers are crazy, the #MANGCHI LPs are going fast, this fucker @quangou almost cried, it's his fucking dream to press a record, one you can actually hold and have, so grab a piece of his dream and sit and soak in the shit sweat blood and tears we put down for you. This shit is for the hardcore fans, the crazy ones the wild ones, the ones who still sit down to listen to the good shit and the ones who really care, not the bitches or haters, but the ones that matter. You know who you are. And you know who you aren't. Get the shit before it's gone, you've been warned. Available at shop.davidchoe.com @mangchihammer

NEW #MANGCHI Vinyl LP out now in a limited pressing! You saw what happened to @bobbytrivia's album. Don't make the same mistake twice. You don't want to miss this, get it now at shop.davidchoe.com before they're all gone. No one's crazier than @quangou, no one's sexier than @heatherleather_ and no one's cooler than #MoneyMark - combine them and you have the #CrazySexyCool supergroup @mangchihammer

What pairs best with #Schweppes? The new @quangou solo soul-o seoul-o album #SteebeeWeebee- get it on iTunes now!

So you you bought the #Mangchi Vinyl already, or maybe you downloaded it or maybe you still just listen to that long unbroken YouTube stream of it- either way you listen to it everyday and have been burning for something new. Well, here it is- Steve Lee's blood sweat and tears revealed and dealed out in the form of a solo soul-o seoul-o album: #SteebeeWeebee by @Quangou! Get it on iTunes here: https://itun.es/us/-doH3

#Mangchi Masters @quangou & @farpomarx - Tag your best photos of the crew with #DVDASA for a repost here! This image courtesy of @electricbamboo

What body part of which #DVDASA character is this #DavidChoe #watercolor of?
A) @quangou's balls
B) @bobbytrivia's wart
C) @asahole's nipple
D) @davidchoe2's cum drop
The first 10 correct answers get an 🍆

MANGCHI EEGA MOYA & NEGA MOLA Vinyl LPs are here! Available at shop.davidchoe.com - You've been asking and we've been working. Look, we live in a digital world and this is some analog shit so there's gonna be delays. But it's here. Finally. What we don't do is sit and bitch about shit- we've already recorded a whole other #Mangchi album! We'll drop this shit on you and when you want it, need it, are begging for it, and are wet for it we'll give you the next shit. There's not a bunch of these so get it before it disappears and you have nothing left but tears. #DreamsCumTrue #Vinyl #VeinILL #Wax #Snacks

#BOBASA rules all @billybobcrit repost from @blackbatjesus

Don't fuck with the fierce fist and the beast beats - MANGCHI NEGA MOLA & EEGA MOYA Vinyl LPs now available at shop.davidchoe.com - get them now before they're gone, you've been warned. @mangchihammer

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