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David Fitzgerald  'Blocbuster' Film πŸ™Œ

The 'Blocbuster' film is live!! The link is in my bio. I hope it pleases you all. Much love πŸ™ (Captured here is the messed up back-three pinch pocket on Big Paw). @puzzleglass #climbing #bouldering #film
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'Blocbuster' by the outstanding @puzzleglass team is out tomorrow! Be sure to check it out. It's a great film with excellent casting ✌️ #climbing #bouldering @moonclimbing @greatoutdoors76

Can't wait to share this with you all on Jan 24th! It was one hell of a good time...
Big news!! 🚨
Our brand new bouldering film with @dv_fitzgerald will be available on Facebook/YouTube on January 24th!
Follow the journey as David takes on some of Europe's hardest boulders. πŸ’ͺπŸ‡¨πŸ‡­πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή Check out the official trailer to get psyched and remember to save the date! πŸŽ₯ trailer: @puzzleglass
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I spent Christmas in Boston with my girlfriend and her wonderful family. It was lovely. We stayed in a house with many pig ornaments, so I made this 60 second short. I hope you enjoy!
@vaguelynodding ⭐️ #killer #pigs #shortfilm #yes

Nice little banger from last Summer - 2nd ascent of Hunter 'n Haddock (7C), first climbed by maestro, @mytherapyphysio. The midge were real that weekend... Thanks to @alan_sarhan for the footage!
#climbing @moonclimbing @greatoutdoors76

Approaching our kingdom from the shadowy place. Happy new year, everyone! πŸ‘‘

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New training vid online, courtesy of @puzzleglass - Link in bio. I came to Sheffield last month to add the final touches to the Blocbuster film, but thankfully I managed to squeeze in a session at the infamous School Room while I was there. Hope you enjoy! πŸ“· by @sam_wlkr
@moonclimbing @greatoutdoors76 #climbing

Here's my ascent of 'Milk It' in the School Room. Malcolm Smith πŸ™Œ
#stud #climbing πŸŽ₯ by @puzzleglass

Here's the send footage of Rightism (8A+).
New addition to the vale. It's a beautiful game we play. The season is here and it's nice to finally feel some feedback from the holds once again.
Thanks to @philipdukeclimbing for the clip πŸ™

@moonclimbing @greatoutdoors76 @lasportivagram #climbing

WABLAM! Yesterday, I made the First Ascent of Rightism (8A+) in Glendalough! We always laughed at this project in the past. I acknowledged it, but never really thought it would actually go. When I was out last Sunday, I somehow cracked the sequence that had been staring at me for years. It’s not even complicated, it’s as basic as it gets. I just always thought that one of the handholds would be a foothold. It’s a little bunchy, as you need to avoid dabbing on the rock beside you, but it works well. Start as for Leftism, trend rightwards and finish up β€˜The Groove’. So happy to contribute to the majesty of the Big Jane block.
Great day out with @philipdukeclimbing and @sean_o_conn. Thanks for the good time! πŸ“· by @philipdukeclimbing
@moonclimbing @greatoutdoors76 @lasportivagram #climbing

It's almost that time again.❄️ πŸ“·by @puzzleglass (Big Paw, Chironico)

@moonclimbing @greatoutdoors76

After a Summer of mainly climbing on big volumes, I thought it was about time to get back into really good shape and there's no better place for it than the School Room in Sheffield. Managed to re-climb a few hard classics, including 'Perky Pinky', 'Snot' and 'Stuey Five Bellies', and then made an ascent of 'Milk It' (8B), maybe the hardest on the board, and 'Believe It' (8A+) (also pretty hard I thought...). Feels good to be back πŸ™
All of this will feature in #theblocbusterproject which will be released very soon. Now to continue with some training back home! πŸ“·by @sam_wlkr

@moonclimbing @greatoutdoors76 @puzzleglass #climbing #training

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