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Decided to create a candlestick inception blunt bomb! This thing worked incredibly well and had me ripped! Swipe left to see how it looked and burned. Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! #dutchhustle #inceptionbluntbomb #errldiamonds #topshelflife

Been steady smoking on this Yerbert lately, can't wait to release it to the public soon! Props again to @nwblacklab and @kushfamilygenetix for creating and phenotype hunting this amazing cross from the cookies family genetics. #Y-lifeXsunsetsherbet #dutchhustle #ogsonly #yerbert #thatNWlife

Here's a little teaser to something I'm working on! This was 15ft, gonna get more cameras and angles for my next toss! Temp was a lil low but it tasted amazing!!! Cheers to @dabsketballers and @errlybird for keeping me stoked up and the new accessories. #dutchhustle #dabsketball #dutchlarrybird #dutchcurry

Nice chunk of the OG Kush concentrate that I agitated. Hope everyone is having an excellent day! #dutchhustle #ogkush #firedboys #ogsonly

This is an OG Kush blunt with OG oil and the flower is a new strain we are calling yerbert. The yerbert was created with cookies fam genetics by @nwblacklab and phenotype hunted by @kushfamilygenetix and I! The cross is #sunsetsherbert x #Ylife This new strain has an amazing smell, unique taste, is very stoney, and very aesthetically pleasing. #dutchhustle #ogsonly #kushfamily

This was just one of four blunt breaks we had during the fights! Between each fight everyone would start rolling up. Thank you to everyone that came out. Yes, that prison wood smoked! It was .16 with the oil in there! #dutchhustle #firedboys #ogsonly #backwoods #backwoodgang @backwoods_cigars

I grab a pack of backwoods rip them open and abuse em, She asked if she could roll one, I said "bitch you don't know what you doin"!! #dutchhustle #backwoods #rarewoods

Holy shit!!!!! I was was just told I won my dream car! I seriousIy can't believe it's true, I just woke up for work and opened my phone to a face time with @corruptedinc_clothing Telling me I won my dream car. I'm not sure what to even say. Thank you guys so much!!!! @corruptedinc_clothing @sideshowtone and @respectmost WTF man, this is unreal. #iwon swipe to see my face after the call.

Come find me at #hempfest today!!! I'll be smoking backwoods and bouncing around between the two @rogue_raven_farms_ booths. Hope everyone stays high and has safe travels to or from the event! #dutchhustle #rogueravenfarms #backwoods #firedboys

Some strawberry banana OG sift/Kief rosin I pressed out last week! Hope everyone is having an amazing day! #dutchhustle #errldiamonds #firedboys #ogsonly

Weather has been awesome and Bruce Dagger is loving it. Trying to take her outside more often. She definitely heard a bird and bolted to the nearest rock haha! #beardeddragon #beardie #brucedaggerthebeardeddragon

If it's a rare wood, it better be a fatwood. Getting it done with @bdmtreyx666 before a sprinker sesh the other day. #dutchhustle #firedboys #nopinners #backwoods

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