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Chasing waterfalls for @adventuredadsintraining . After battling for a year with the Forest Service in Idaho, we bailed on America the beautiful and headed South to Mexico the totally spectacular. Black fly-bitten, soaked, and totally stoked, @mikemckayww and @jefe_jaime helped me pick up the missing kayak sequence in one of the more beautiful and forgotten places I've visited.
Do me a solid? Give the Adventure Dads insta (above) a follow, would ya? More coming your way!
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PC: @jefe_jaime

National Champion Rugby Player, @mr.prezzo pursues his runaway robot baby on a lovely fall day in 2016. We learned an important lesson that afternoon about the resilience of a twin-seater jogging stroller, and its surprising rate of acceleration when loaded down with a forty-pound boulder. Adventure Dads in Training is on the move! Four and a half years, several countries, a U.S. territory, and countless volunteer hours later, this labor of love and ridiculousness is a few tweaks from being complete. With the latest cut on its way to the first round of festival submissions, we’re turning our attention to the search for sponsors, as we work to raise the dough necessary to get ADT to your favorite mountain film festivals. We’re meeting with a few prospective sponsors this week, but we sure could use your help with leads. If you or your friends have ties to companies who’d like to get in front of the outdoorsy, mountain film festival-going crowd, we’d love to get together and share with you what we’ve got up our sleeves. Er’body else, stay tuned for updates, as we’ve got some fun stuff in the works! Lastly, please follow the official Instagram account for the film @adventuredadsintraining. We'll try to make it worth your while. Thanks!

#adventuredadsintraining #fatherhood #parentingfails #mockumentary #shortfilm #strollerspeed #dropping #0to60
PC: @swytch21

"You'll have a better angle from up here" said the man in the yellowed hat standing on the platform from which the cowboys were being loaded onto the bucking horses. A long enough lens and a small enough town can get you some pretty spectacular access. No questions asked.
My brother and I competed in the sorting competition at the Sevier County Rodeo last weekend. @tambrea_allen and her dad (whom I affectionately call Bishop Surgeon Cowboy Dad but the rest of the cowboys just call Doc) were kind enough to let us use their horses in the competition. Forest and I did relatively well, but lost to the pros. Bishop Cowboy Surgeon Dad won the night, and a shiny new belt buckle, and the prize money. We hit the main rodeo after the sorting competition. I didn't have the right gear for the event, but I wandered around anyway, shooting this and that. After months of high pressure shooting scenarios, both domestic and foreign, lurking around the background of the rodeo was a fun, chill reminder of how much I enjoy covering live action. Also, those guys are nuts.
#rodeo #buckingbronco #richfield #rmpra #rideemcowboy #cowboy

Had a mighty fine time screening Bears of Durango at @miffmaine last week. Super cool to have people so into the story so far from where it took place. Lovely spending time with the other filmmakers and festival staff. Terrific bunch. Far from super haircut at Super Cuts. Played hookie one of the days and hit Acadia National Park, had some blueberry ice cream, and a lobster. All things Maine. Even got to go for a paddle around the lake (with some @media.loma stowaways). Bears of Durango will play again at MIFF's satellite festivals later this year. Thank you for your incredible hospitality, MIFF!
#bearsofdurango #maine #acadianp

Another year, another round of trespassers. Days old, they were too small to jump the fence. #backyardbambi #kidsthesedays #fawn #twins

I miss photographing horses.
Thanks for another amazing weekend in Richfield, @tambrea_allen.
#cowboy #sorting #westernphotography

The Gregory loves stale marshmallows. I try to keep a bag staling for him for special occasions. His ride across the country seemed like a good time to break them out. Sweet beat by @micahdanderson.
Also, swipe sideways to roll with Gregory on the hardest day of the whole ride. Also, happy Fathers Day.
#bikeacrossamerica #fathersday #stalemarshmallows #cycleusa #midwest4life #raddad #roam247 @roam

The International @wildlifefilmfest kicked off with a parade down the main drag of Missoula. They let us be part of it. "So you're telling me you're going to bring the whole town of Missoula down to the main drag the day before our premiere? And you don't care how loud we are? It just has to be self-propelled?" Sell out premiere ☑️ (Volume ⬆️)
Hats off to @bearded_tranquility, who single-handedly dragged @micahdanderson and I backwards for 1.5 miles in a black bear suit. #iwff #thereswaldo

It's a trippy thing, leaving a parent on the side of the road in the depths of South Dakota's nothingness. "Trip of a lifetime" is how he described it when I first caught up with him in Warland, Wyoming. "Do you have matches? Sunscreen? You're sure you know how to search for campgrounds and gas stations on Google Maps?" Words of a worried son.
The Gregory is halfway through biking across America. He's had a support vehicle for the first half, but as I turned around two days ago, he loaded his panniers and set out on his own.
He's trained for it for years, and dreamed about it longer. Nobody plans more meticulously, or does it more frugally than The Gregory. Those panniers, that Trek 300... they're older than I am.
It's been immensely rewarding to see him tackle the biggest mountain pass of the trip, to roll in at the end of 96 miles in 103 degrees, ready to go see a movie with me. We took in Mount Rushmore, weathered a tornado at Devil's Tower, and perused the Badlands together. Spending a week and a half cheering on the guy who, for me and my siblings, went deep into learning how to coach and ref soccer...to be on the sideline for him, cheering him on, feeding him a steady stream of sliced white bread, stale marshmallows and V8 juice... it's been awesome. And immensely rewarding. And it's been motivating. Makes me want to redouble my efforts to pursue the life I really want to live.
So, if you're in Minnesota this week, listen for the classic rock blaring from the Bluetooth speaker on the back of the cyclist wearing the lime green jersey he got for free from his previous employer. If it's The Gregory, he'll be singing along with the bass line. He'll be going slow and steady, admiring this year's crop of pronghorn calves, and watching for turtles he can help to cross the road safely.
When you see him, do me a favor? Give him a little extra space when you pass, would you? We're anxious to get The Gregory back.

#cyclist #adventuredad @trekbikes @v8juice #bikeacrossamerica #stalemarshmallows

The local mall had this great Yosemite backdrop set up. Looked pretty fake, but we had a good time. Thanks for showing us your stomping grounds @sk.rowan. Quite the place!

All sorts of jazzed to see @theandrewhobbs record his first comedy special tonight at @drybarcomedy in Provo. Snag some tix for $4 instead of $15 with the code HOBBS. We'll be at the 9pm taping. Break a leg, Hobbs!

I got the insides of my eyeballs photographed. They're green.

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