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*Update* - The screening is now full. Thanks for all of your help! Stay tuned for more screening opportunities.
Utah, I need some help. We've got our last big #BearsofDurango test screening tomorrow (1/20) night in SLC. I've got a great group coming, and I'm looking for ten more people to fill those last few seats of the small theater we rented. 6:45-9:00pm. Free. If you can commit to be there on time and stay to the end, we'd love to have you. The screenings have been a lot of fun, and a huge help to the project. If you can make it, you'll find a link in my bio to where you can fill in some information that will allow us to send you the details. Feel free to tag anyone you think would be interested. Thanks for your help!

It's far from a "shithole," as Trump called it this week. No, perhaps the most resilient, toughest people in the world come from that island. Today is the eighth anniversary of an earthquake that killed more than 200,000 people in Haiti, but the refining fire that the tiny nation has endured started way before that force of nature. Did you know that Napoleon sent more than 20,000 troops to crush Haitians when they first overthrew those who had kept them enslaved? They overcame that, and numerous other trials along the way to the present day. Living in Haiti may be too tough for our leadership to fathom. Were our elected officials to take some time to meet Haitians, they'd see that the toughness of Haiti translates into resilience in the people who from there hail.

I took this photograph in Port-au-Prince in 2015, documenting Haiti's national women's soccer team at their final practice before their match against Puerto Rico. They were an incredibly hard working group, and so were the other Haitians we had the privilege of interacting with. As were, and are, so many people that my white privilege has allowed me to interact with in Mozambique, and Swaziland, and South Africa, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Tough places, some of them. Shitholes, they are not.
We all ought to feel embarrassed by the ignorance of our leadership this week, and watch for ways to hold them more accountable. We're better than that.

It's been very wild. Lots of setups, working toward payoffs, with the best yet to come. Pretty dang sure 2018 is my year, but don't worry, I'm totally willing to share. Thanks to all who have been a part of the magic this past lap around the sun!

16 months ago, I posted this photo of an experiment we conducted in my living room. Last week, that experiment won an Emmy Award for the Rocky Mountain Region's Best Original Composition.
It's amazing to see what happens when creative people are willing to sacrifice and experiment together without reservations. Congratulations to @micahdanderson on the Emmy. Follow him to learn more over the coming week of how it all played out. Many, many thanks to Kerstin, Sarah, Katie, and Katy for practicing the thousands and thousands of hours necessary to have the abilities to make it all come to life. Not bad for a first attempt from this little team!

Have a listen, if you like. Link in my bio to the Canyonlands episode of @bradbarberpix 's documentary series, Beehive Stories.

#emmyaward #quartet #livingroomsessions

My niece Rainy got all sorts of blessed at church today. It was pretty tough, but I think I got a couple of photos worth hanging onto.
#portrait #baby #rainyday

At one point we divided and conquered. The team went to Virunga's major military base to install huge solar arrays and Tesla PowerWalls, power sources that would replace the diesel guzzling generators that were powering operations there. Meanwhile, I was sent to Lulimbi, a tiny ranger outpost on the border of Uganda and DRC, with the assignment to film the grassland wildlife. Because the new solar arrays hadn't been installed in Lulimbi yet, I had to battle the rangers' flip phones for enough watts from the antiquated solar system to download and back up footage. It was slow going, so during the down time, @chriscanguro and Kata let me help make preparations for the new tourist encampment that they were building. Here's a shot from a riverside blind we built, using machetes to carve out an old hippo trail. There's something very Jurassic Park about watching the tree tops sway and topple as the elephant herds approach on their way to water.
You all ought to plan a trip to @virunganationalpark.
#virunga #elephant #wildlife #tallglassofwater

On the days we weren't able to get out into the field to film, I'd wander down and hang out outside the wall of the Senkwewe Center, where orphaned mountain gorillas are cared for. It was amazing to watch .5% of the remaining mountain gorillas in the world beat the crap out of their caretakers. They're very capable of being alone in their huge enclosure. Too capable actually. If their caretakers leave, they knock down a tree, lean it against the wall, climb to the top, slide under the electric fence, and without warning, come bursting into the nearby Mikeno Lodge. The tourists at the lodge have apparently had that experience on a number of occasions, including one of the days that we were out in the field.

It's been a year now, since we spent a month in the Democratic Republic of Congo shooting with @givepowerfoundation, @tesla, @solarcity, @empoweredbylight, and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. I think I'm due for a visit.

#virunga #gorilla #mountaingorilla #DRC #curiousgeorge #wildlife #animalsofinstagram

This isn't a picture of a bear OR a baby. That's three in a row, you guys. Tag a friend if you're relieved it's not a picture of a bear or a baby.

Brent, the father-surgeon-cowboy-emeritus-bishop dad let us come down and ride his horses again. Then we watched him REALLY ride his horses.
#cowboy #horses #sorting

A pretty effective way to remind us that we're on a rock, spinning around a fiery gas ball, accompanied by other rocks, oh, and also with another rock spinning around us. It was worth the trip just for the reminder of the absurdity of the collective trip we're sharing.
#eclipse2017 #idahome #diamondring

This is me not at a computer. This is going to happen a lot more now that Adventure Dads is wrapping up.
Also, have you guys tried floating in the Great Salt Lake? It's very comical, floating so effortlessly. That is, until your nipples start chaffing on your inflatable dolphin and the pink, salt concentrate sets in. Thanks for organizing the outing, and the photo @merkley.lauren.

I'm looking for your home videos of dads with their kids in the great outdoors.
With little time left, we're super close to finishing up Adventure Dads in Training, but we need more video clips from real adventure dads with their real adventure kids. Do you have video clips of kids in the great outdoors with their father figures? We'd love to see them, and incorporate them in the film! Time is running short so shoot me a message if you can help us out. We'd sure appreciate it!

#adventuredadsintraining #adventuretime #adventuredads

Great things take time. This photo was taken three years ago today at the end of the fiction shoot for #adventuredadsintraining. Today we submitted the film to the #banfffilmfestival, the first of a number of festivals to which ADT will be submitted. Fingers crossed!
We've got some finishing work to do, but I'm sending out a virtual high five to everyone that's been involved. Much love and gratitude to each of you for being part of the magic/mayhem. Three countries and a territory, a year and a half fight with the US Forest Service, thousands and thousands of confused looks from bystanders, somewhere around 18 dolls, and more than 60 people (and counting!) helping bring it to life. Though I'm really looking forward to hanging up the baby dolls, we've been through some pretty great adventures together because of them. Fingers crossed that this is the springboard that lets us do it again. After all, @explorsethehorse is just getting started.
#ittakesavillage #babyonboard #shortfilm #babiesofinstagram #fs700
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