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Dusty Lee  Life is a two step process; learning then applying that knowledge

It has been over a year since I've cut or combed my hair. It has been a long time coming but my hair is starting to have some pretty serious knots in them. I can't wait to see the dreads my hair knots up into. #freeFormDreads #dreadJourney #patience #fuckingPatience 4#dreadlings 4#babyDreads

Life is about learning and coping with your fuck ups

P.s. I didn't draw this

I wouldn't be the guy I am today without my brother from another mother. I'm thankful to have him in my life. @irisgolddesign I got no pics of you cause of your "no footage rule" so fuck you I'm posting this flick #nationalSiblingDay

I love my goregous sister❤. I could ask for a better one but that would be an impossible creation, so i guess I'll just have to settle for the perfect sister(: #nationalSiblingDay @djojoe08

Slacking with Lexie<3

Big fuck you to all the people that fall in the category. Whether is hair, clothes, music, or whatever they think they are entitled to "keep" with in a certain race or group of people. By saying "namely black people" this is from my observation and referring to dread appropriation issues only.
#dreadhead #fuckTheIdeaOfCulturalAppropriation #stillDreading #fuckRacistBastards #dreadsForAll #fuckYou

P.s. to anyone who is going to comment about Egypt being in Africa. Yes you're right it is, but genetically speaking they were neither black nor white. Which would put the origin of dreads outside of the black culture. Dreads are everyone's right, because everyone's hair knots up on its own and is part of the natural growth of hair.

I finally caught a fucking #scyther! Its not really combat ready by fuck it I'm still stoked! #pokemonGo #pokemon

Repost from @topherbwell
I talked with many people who cast their vote to pick the lesser of 2 evils. I tried to tell them there were other options in the 3rd party candidates, but still they voted Republican and Democrat. I gave up on the idea of a third party candidate being elected, so I lost my drive to vote. Nothing would have changed if my one voted was added, but next election I'll vote. I'll vote on the person who deserves to be president whether it be Donkey, Elephant, or otherwise. Hopefully people remember to think about ALL parties next time. Good luck Trump. Please don't fuck up, thank you.

If only I knew where I wanted my path to lead

#choices #fate #life #eragon #goals #quote

I love this pillow thief with all my heart. I'd roam the streets homeless with him if I had to. You're stuck with me now Sam💙

Nah I've taken to many risk lately and they didn't pan out. Thanks though.

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