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Living on Earth.  22, Sweden. Don't worry, don't hurry, take it easy!  📚Bus. & Finance B.Sc. ⏸Saving for South America. 🛑Never travel like a tourist 🌎28 countries🌍

work save travel repeat🌴

🎓1977 24yrs. dad 🎓 2018 22yrs. son.

You have this ONE life.
Ń there's only ONE thing on my mind.
But ..

🇮🇹5th dn.
Leave the Big City Life and jump on the train from Milano Centrale to Lake of Como. You will arrive to a breathtaking place where you can find everything you are looking for. Rent a boat and drive through one of the deepest lakes in Europe or take a cable car to the top and have a stunning view. 📍buy a summer house here.

🇮🇹4rth destination.
Bellissimo, bellissimo
Take a glass of wine and look at the 14th century.🍷

🇨🇭3rd destination, Switzerland.
Zürich, Altdorf and finally the Swiss Alps. We have walked for three days up here, passing small villages at the tops and met people who actually live on the mountains. It is also interesting how fast the weather condition changes up here. Today we had Sun in the morning but a storm was waiting for us just around the corner. ⛰>2200.

2nd destination. More than a thousand bridges in town. The streets are crowded from morning to midnight. I like this place!

Get up and get going. Cause you and I, I know it.

We all get tired to grow up too FAST.
Some are forced, some are not.
This kid I met though...

Placebo 🎧.

Woke up with a fever & headache. My nephew really wants to play so I borrowed a temporary friend for him. And the are now "my best friend".👌

We brought a portable grill and were looking for a good fishing spot. We found this and forgot about the fishing part.

Why should we rent a fancy hotel room when this "thing" was available on the beach. Sleeping here and showering outside for some days gave me more than allinclusive5starhotel.

Swedish nature from the sky., my favorite place btw. 🌴⛰🌍 First drone video.
Song: neon experience - Meyvant

And I complained about the loud noise. How could I. Never complain.

While I was in Asia I kept thinking about this place. My favourite place in Sweden for sure. It's not about catching the big fish. Here you get the ability to grab and think about what you want out of your own life. In silent. (got a small fish, perhaps half a pound..)

Open up that Rum bottle and put the fresh fish over the fire.🍺🔥🐟 going through old memories

14 flights in one moth. But I won't complain, the airport sometimes is an interesting place. Could sleep on a uncomfortable bench day after day just to weak up to this. (This morning)

Take world's fastest elevator, to world's highest observation deck, at the world's second-tallest building. Ń just wait for the sunset.

The colors of the Rainbow so pretty in the sky. Are also on the faces, of people passing by. #bigcitylife

Sitting on the 27th floor and listen to the big-city-life sound coming from the streets of Shanghai. My view is awesome but its far beyond compare to what I saw from that tower on the top left of that mountain. Tbt some weeks ago, that small island in Philippines, not crowded and not touristy at all.😍

Beginning of the 15th centery, in the very heart of Bejinig. Today I walked through this palace, it gave me gooseflesh.

I don't know where I am going but I am on my way. [✅] one by one. Citat: Malihé.

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