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Dustin Chau  Certified Personal Trainer Certified Nutrition Specialist Online Coaching #VPFIT


Endurance and cardio has been lacking so throwing high volume and supersets back in the rotation. -

Barbell squats : 4x8-12
Goblet squats: 4x8-12
@visionaryperformance @cppcampusrec

I'm itching to get back on stage but in a league where a lot of people are on the juice, I'm going to play it smart and take my time improving this year. Competing isn't everything especially when you have other priorities like school and coaching. Plus, I get so much more satisfaction helping my clients reach their personal fitness goals. The next time I compete, the goal is to beat my previous physique and have the biggest support team. #oneteam #vpfit #throwback

It's definitely easy to get caught up in chasing PR's and pounding your body with more weight. Depending on what your goal is, I think it's as important to address other areas like: posture, tempo, range of motion, and imbalances. For the longest time, I couldn't break parallel and always had lower back pain after a squat session. After making the effort to drop the ego and find the root cause, I am now able to squat fluidly without pain. New limits = more gains.
Apparel by @visionaryperformance - June 9th
#noquartersquats #vpfit #oneteam

Progress shots of a 10 week lifestyle transformation. "TBH I think these 10 weeks that I been through was more about getting into the right habit of eating and working out and a positive mind set rather than aiming for my body goal. It is my first program and I can't just expect it to happen over night. Can't wait for the next program. Haha back then when I started working out there's days where I was hella lazy and I'll skip out on gym but now it's like part of my schedule." - @lucasly_
Great work so far brotha, let's continue to push the boundaries! #vpfit #oneteam

The bulk is complete. 138 to 158. Time to shred up and reveal the work that's been put in. "Really thankful and blessed bro for the guidance and coaching you gave me. The little mistakes and details in lifting with you and all the others, really thankful for that. I got a wider back, strength overall in different areas of my body, and the cuts slowly show now after cardio. Personal problems  happen towards the end April which I feel of balance of everything was off but I'm back. I know I could used a lot of more emphasis on different parts of my body but I'm proud of where I'm at but it's a beauty of the work in progress. With that being said I'm really ready to dice TF up." - @jcabalar #vpfit #oneteam

Only 7 weeks in dropping from 196 to 178. The results start speaking when you put in more than what is asked of you. Keep it working @visionaryperformance #vpfit #oneteam

It's not about waiting for motivation to one day come and get you going. It's about generating your own motivation and initiating the first step, which is usually the hardest part. First, you have to be able envision yourself at the finish line before you even start. Secondly, you have to have a plan. Lastly, you have to be able to keep that drive alive throughout your journey. #vpfit #oneteam

Summer 17' ain't ready for this drop. More gear for your headtop. #vpfit

I'm not going to lie; I was hesitant to prep @vpfit_jenmuel and @vpfit_red for their first teen physique show. I've been working with Jenmuel for a while but I never thought we would have him step on stage under my guidance. One thing I took away from this is to never doubt myself and to continue to strive for greatness. Trust the process #vpfit

Throwback to around the same time last year when I decided to do an 11 week prep for my first show. No cheating for 10 weeks straight, tons of cardio, and high volume training all showed in the end. However, I did learn a lot of things about my body that will come into play the next time I cut down. It's all about learning how well your body adapts to different protocols and that definitely takes time and experience. If you want a physique you've never had, you have to be able to do things you've never done. #vpfit

10oz fleece / pre-shrunk / double needle stitching / underarm gussets / custom tags / black x olive / .

Come run with us @visionaryperformance

Shoutout to @jv.r for capturing the moment #vpfit #bitemedia

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