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Dustin Chau  Certified Personal Trainer Certified Nutrition Specialist Online Coaching Nutrition Science #VPFIT


"You're only as good as who you surround yourself with." We're all working towards a common goal which is to improve ourselves. Collaborating and feeding each other motivation elevates that energy to the next level. Thank to everyone who came out to our first team lift. We will be having another one next month. 📹: @jv.r
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I haven't been on my nutrition or training lately and I'm aware of that. It's okay to take rest days. It's okay not to check your weight. It's okay to go out and have fun once in a while. It's okay to eat what your body is craving. The key is to find balance and consistency so that you don't fall off your grind. @visionaryperformance #vpfit #oneteam

Form checking one of my new clients @crisramirez50 as he hits a new PR of 315 for a single. Sometimes all we need is a little push to hit our goals. I need to catch up.. #oneteam #vpfit

I can't thank @lolsalad and @jv.r enough for coming through to our first @visionaryperformance team lift and doing what they do best behind the lens. If anyone needs photography or cinematography shoots done, hit these two up. #vpfit #oneteam #bitemedia

A couple of sets from today's session. We didn't follow a strict plan this time and just went with the flow and had some fun which is needed once in a while. Shoutout to @vpfit_ries and @vpfit_adrian for the slingshot. @visionaryperformance #vpfit

Squats were feeling smooth today so decided to go heavy and hit two new PR's of 315 for a triple and 335 for a single. #noquartersquats #vpfit

The calm before getting called in to indulge on ayce sushi. Sporting the summer tank from @visionaryperformance releasing next month.

Don't get caught up with these Instagram crazy workout exercises people are posting nowadays. Practice and perfect your basic movements before throwing in accessory exercises. My training philosophy whether you're a male or female trying to lean out or build muscle is to always build your regimen around these main movements. After working on that skill, you can start increasing the volume. What's the point of prioritizing the cherry on top when your ice-cream doesn't even taste good right? -

Superset: Deadlifts x Pull-ups 4x8-10 reps -

@visionaryperformance #VPFIT #ONETEAM

Endurance and cardio has been lacking so throwing high volume and supersets back in the rotation. -

Barbell squats : 4x8-12
Goblet squats: 4x8-12
@visionaryperformance @cppcampusrec

I'm itching to get back on stage but in a league where a lot of people are on the juice, I'm going to play it smart and take my time improving this year. Competing isn't everything especially when you have other priorities like school and coaching. Plus, I get so much more satisfaction helping my clients reach their personal fitness goals. The next time I compete, the goal is to beat my previous physique and have the biggest support team. #oneteam #vpfit #throwback

It's definitely easy to get caught up in chasing PR's and pounding your body with more weight. Depending on what your goal is, I think it's as important to address other areas like: posture, tempo, range of motion, and imbalances. For the longest time, I couldn't break parallel and always had lower back pain after a squat session. After making the effort to drop the ego and find the root cause, I am now able to squat fluidly without pain. New limits = more gains.
Apparel by @visionaryperformance - June 9th
#noquartersquats #vpfit #oneteam

Progress shots of a 10 week lifestyle transformation. "TBH I think these 10 weeks that I been through was more about getting into the right habit of eating and working out and a positive mind set rather than aiming for my body goal. It is my first program and I can't just expect it to happen over night. Can't wait for the next program. Haha back then when I started working out there's days where I was hella lazy and I'll skip out on gym but now it's like part of my schedule." - @lucasly_
Great work so far brotha, let's continue to push the boundaries! #vpfit #oneteam

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