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@townandgownplayers production of the musical Next to Normal opens tonight! I love this cast and crew so very much.
This show has been a labor of love and we are excited to share it with you. NEXT TO NORMAL runs May 19-21 and May 25-28. Ticket link in bio. #nexttonormal

📷 Credit: @matthardyphotography *************************************************
I have super talented friends. This is my headshot for the musical NEXT TO NORMAL which opens this Friday. It runs May 19-21 and May 25-28.
This show is incredibly powerful and moving art in my opinion. If it tells you anything...I have not made it through the music once without tearing up...and I've been listening to and rehearsing it for months. Google it if you don't know much about it. It's damn good. *************************************************
Tickets are available at the link in my bio. I would sincerely love for you to make it to one of the seven performances of this Pullitzer Prize winning musical. The cast and crew are amazing. Peace and love beautiful people. #nexttonormal

Saint Barbara Ahkuoi ❤️ #mothersday #barbaraahkuoi

Mom and chubby little me. #barbaraahkuoi #mothersday #lovemymama ❤️

Barbara Ahkuoi. She's my mom and my hero. Celebrating her everyday of my life. ❤️#mothersday #barbaraahkuoi #mom

Mama and little me. #circa1970s #barbaraahkuoi ❤️

Mom ❤️

Took this today. I suppose I'm posting like many to be seen...social media is a funny thing. Honestly I just felt like sharing a pic where I'm wearing an old gray t-shirt, puffy morning eyes, sans shower, leftover product in my bed head from the day before. No fancy filters. Just me...at peace and grateful for another day, another breath. Sending love to anyone who needs it today. ✌🏽❤️🌴🌊☀️🌺✨

My late Grandfather John Harold wrote this book in 1966. It's a book about his exit from a prestigious, well respected job as a superintendent in Iowa. He left to be a principle in American Samoa...some thought he was crazy...but he said he had "A rendezvous with a dream." He went to Samoa to educate but he saw himself as the student rather than the teacher. He was fascinated with the freedom and beauty of the Samoan culture in contrast to his strict midwestern upbringing. *************************************************
I read this book often. It's full of his musings and poetry. I find myself wondering how someone could put the soup that's always brewing in my mind on paper...then I remember we share the same blood. A critic once called a poem of his (negatively) a little too...esoteric. I say...screw that guy. Having his words ready to pull out in my backpack everyday is an absolute treasure. I come from weird, eccentric, free spirited, esoteric stock and I love it. Here's to a man who's inner world was vast and rich. I've decided that I am going to record this on audiobook someday soon to preserve his words even more. Remembering and honoring my brilliant Grandpa John Harold today. (Read this page if you get a sec. it's beautiful)

With Atlanta's recent highway woes, this artistic interpretation of 1-20 West is all I've got.
Wishing everyone peace, safe travels and happy trees 🌲 #atl #atlanta

This photo is a giant part of who I am. I've often said that I could move to Siberia in order to isolate and somehow, someway I would find my way back to a stage. Performing is like breathing to me in many ways. ✨ The flip side is how I've been feeling lately. I've been weak and down. I've doubted myself and my purpose. I've questioned whether anything I do is good. I come from a long line of artists...and with that comes the tumultuousness of a creative personality. I am always trying to learn the power of the present...to remain steady on and off the stage. Being a "tortured artist" makes for a good movie but not necessarily a peaceful existence. Just sharing my honest, raw thoughts today. I love you all. Here's to deep breaths and broad perspectives. ✌🏽❤️

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