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Yesterday I had a crazy moment where this young girl randomly came up to me asking for some advice on certain things and I’ve never met her before in my life. In that moment I realized how blessed I am to have been given the platform I have. I want to live each day using every last breath to help motivate and inspire others. This is why I do what I do, whether it’s advice, a simple signature, a video or a few words I want to help change this world for the better. Thank you for each person who’s chosen to be apart of this journey with me.

Loved getting to help out with #DoGoodWeek today! @dogoodlivewell has been doing amazing things in Miami this whole week! Now it’s your turn to do something good for somebody this week and watch how your week becomes better as well! Doesn’t matter where you are just get out, volunteer and make a difference! #sponsored

It’s fall and what better activity to do then to go play some football! Grab a few friends and #letsplayfootball today. Excited for this collaboration to be a #NFLPartner with @nflplayfootball #sponsored

Catching a one way ride to the next level

I want to give this away! This book was one of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read. So I got two of them and want to give them to two people. If you want this book just like this photo or comment to make it easier and I’ll choose two people to mail this book to! I’ve read many books that have inspired me and want to start sharing them with y’all.

Excited to have been a part of this journey with @wesdunn and his new book! You can get it on Amazon now and go to his page and see all that he is up to!

Through the last few days it is saddening to see what is happening in America. A few days ago I was in Memphis and had the privilege to see where MLK spent his last minutes and all that was fought for. Rights, rights that we all deserve as people. "We all bleed the same which is RED, the blood of Jesus is what unifies us" as I have heard the @realjohngray say many times. I stand for community, for what is right, for love and unity. This will not last, love will win and the light will outshine the darkness. #charlottesville

Thanks @groundedla for my new bag that is state of the art. These bags are handmade in India which is giving jobs to people all throughout India! One other amazing thing about the bag is that it is leveraging Virtual Reality to build perspective about the origins of the product. I have been using this bag for travel and absolutely love it. Check out Grounded LA!

Have loved the time here with @lifechurchmemph @axis_students and the whole team here at @axisnationconf Give this church and youth group a follow they have something so amazing going on here that you need to stay up to date with. One of greatest conferences I've ever been to and youth ministry I've seen. #axisnation2017

Got to hangout with my man @rich_holmes22 from the 76ers and got to hear more of his story and what he is all about. He is doing some incredible things to give back to the community through camps as well as many other things. I love seeing guys who are successful but so humble, loving and giving to others around them. From the short time of getting to know him and his family I can truly say this is a guy worth following and truly trying to make a difference. @rich_holmes22 has a great story and journey that you can check out on my vlog which will be out tomorrow as well as more info on what he is doing to give back to the community. @rich_holmes22 let's get a ring this year for the @sixers !

•I had huge dreams and with that came nights of sleeping in my car, nights of a dollar cheeseburger and a cup of water, driving 15 hours straight to get to another place the next day and many other embarrassing failures. •This is me 6 years ago speaking in front of a room at an event taking place in a preschool with maybe 100 people in the room and for the first time in my life I started to pursue my passion. •I had no idea what I was doing. I had no tips. I had no formula of writing something out. I didn't know how to plan and had no business skills. I didn't even know how to make my dreams come true... but I had a passion. •Through it all though I knew if I kept pushing for my dreams that over time breakthrough would eventually come. I believed I could accomplish all that I want in life as long as I realized achieving my dreams would eventually outweigh the obstacles I have to face currently. •Today I still am not anywhere near where I want to be but I can proudly say 6 years later I have gotten to speak in over 20 states and 5 countries. I have had opportunities to work with major brands such as Macy's, Oreos and others. Met some of the most amazing mentors and friends I could've ever wished for. Even with that I still declare there is more to come for my life. •Today I still face many obstacles, fears, doubts and worries but my mentality and passion will always stay the same. • I know I can make it and I thank God every day for allowing me to be able to do what I get to do even through my faults, flaws and failures. •As I go through obstacles along with you may I encourage you to stay focused and keep pushing for your dreams and they will happen. •Keep giving 110% with what you have and just know your breakthrough is on the way!

Half way through the year and I can say life is a journey.... The past 6 months have had some amazing ups and some crazy unexpected moments as well.
You can't control situations in your life but you can control how you handle them. Keep your head up and a smile on your face at all times knowing you can make it through.
Have big dreams and pursue them with all you have in this moment. Don't worry about what is happening around you but give your all with where you are and with what you have.
You will make it. Dream BIG. Give 110% and keep moving forward.

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