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It's a #humpday for me #fitfam After crushing #legday I needed to recover today as well as prepare for the next two weeks on the road. Anyways, this is from Altamonte Springs. One of the best things about Florida is the almost guaranteed nice weather and plenty of #outdoor places to get your #cardio workouts in. I'll be back tomorrow IG.

I've started incorporating step ups to my leg training and fully believe that they help with endurance. Squats are still a main compound movement but it's always good to throw in some variety. #legday

From this earlier morning, it's back to the gym after a rest day...cheesy, I know but this was at 5:30am this morning. Anyways, it's #chestday for me before heading off to St. Pete for another day in the sun.

Sunset cardio at Lake Eola. It looks like but too humid today. Anyways 30 mins down.

#facts Link from the Legend of Zelda is left handed. Why???
Because Shigeru Miymoto the created of Zelda is Left-Handed thus he decided Link should also be Left-Handed. The only reason he is Right handed in the Wii Twilight Princess is so Players would feel more comfortable since the majority of gamers is Right Handed.

Chest and Shoulders workout is done. You know it's a start to a great day when you make it to Tropical Cafe early enough for a 50% off smoothie as well. Make sure you're staying consistent #fitfam

Finally it's Friday and some much needed comedy after a stressful week.
#Repost @tonybakercomedy
Tony Baker as the Snowball the #cat who gives the best #massages in town. Isn't that right blizzard? Video by @wang_ziyuu #TonyBakerVoiceovers I could use a massage like this. #Cats #Dogs #friday #message #flexfriday

This is the first MPC machine that I owned. Now only if I could find the hard drive that was in there, who knows what I could produce now as compared to back them. #tbt #throwbackthursday #mpc #akai #producer #production #audiophile #sample #drummachine

AM back and biceps workout is done. Off to enjoy the day off. Two weeks and counting until I'm back on the road. First Ohio then Charlotte...moves are being made.

#1 leg day for this week. I focused on quads and had a squat party tonight. This was me getting started with leg extensions. One of my goals is to start building my legs.

Out for a late lunch at Harborside in Winter Haven. They have a great view and snow crabs from right outside.
#harborside #winterhaven #crab #crablegs #seafood #crabs #platter #kingcrab #snowcrablegs #garlic #food #foodie #foodporn #foodlovers

Outside cardio at Altamonte Springs.

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