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Happy #flexfriday can someone, anybody explain how my upper body is pumped after #legday training? Anyways have a great day everyone. I just can’t wait until the work week finally comes to an end. I need some R&R.

#tbt to a little over a year ago when I quit my job and decided to move to Orlando. Little did I know how quickly everything would move. Back then I decided to take two months of and do things such as get lean and face my fear of alligators. I accomplished both of those things, by getting outside to train at lake Eola, up top; the alligator, even the babies to the left. While done there I started to play basketball again and love to play in the Kobe’s both lows and highs.
Even though I have moved I still go back and visit time to time.

#throwbackthursday #alligator #lakeeola #kobe

Happy hump day; man or women it’s important to train those glutes and hamstrings. Better yet your whole entire posterior chain. The hyperextension is a great way to do this but I’ve posted that exercise recently on another post so I’ve selected to show the horizontal leg press with higher footing.

Here are some of the benefits I noticed since focusing on strengthening my posterior chain overall. -It strengthens the posterior chain (lower back, glutes, hamstrings). -It can be used as an assistance movement to improve the squat and deadlift totals. -It can be used as a primary glute or hamstring movement for bodybuilding purposes. -It can be used as a secondary glute or hamstring movement to add more volume. -It’s also beneficial for lower back health as some lower back pain can stem from weak glutes and tight hamstrings.

#wednesdaywisdom #humpday

#transformationtuesday is here and it’s been a while since I posted a black and white picture. Besides playing around with the color of this first picture, I didn’t use any other effects. I’m still staying fairly lean and still don’t have a serious muffin top. My advice whether bulking, cutting, or maintaining is to stick to your nutrition plan. With a successful plan you’re likely not to cheat and with progress pictures you hold yourself accountable. Just stay consistent. I’ve stepped up my leg training as well and have made some progress from the beginning of the year until now. There is no quitting now just staying as consistent as possible and seeing out this transformation all the way through.

It’s back day for me...later. I’m off to Asheville for the day to train some of my dealers. If you’re not doing any barbell rows in your back training I’ve got to ask why not? They’re a great compound lift that will assist you with gaining mass. These aren’t the only compound back focused lift that I like but I find them to be very effective.
What are some of your favorites??? #mondaymotivation #asheville

So I’ve added the wide stance squats to my leg training and have noticed the following things relatively fast.

Taking a wider stance than shoulder-width works a greater number of muscles. Go wide, and you'll feel it in your glutes, your overall strength, and maybe in the back and knee pain you don't feel. The best thing I’ve noticed is that I’m not about to squad with moderate to heavy weights three times a week instead of two. My recovery time has shortened. I still narrow squat just not as frequently as I once did.
#sundayfunday #transformation #somethingnew

After a long work week. I just didn’t feel like cooking today so I stopped by @cleaneatzcharlotte to try some meals I’ve never tried before. I’m not a salesperson at all; so once I give these a try. I’ll give my honest opinion of how they taste as well as if there is value of using a meal prep company.

#saturday #mealprep #charlotte

#flexfriday came too early for me however I had some great lighting and couldn’t pass up the pic. Time to eat breakfast and get to some morning meetings before scheduling sight visits for next week. I didn’t get up early enough for an AM session but I still feel the fatigue from leg day last night.

I believe that your big compound lifts i.e. squats and deadlifts lifts will give you the biggest ROI and agree with @knowgains single leg day pie chart. Everything else comes in third in my opinion. So the question is what do you think are some of the best leg exercises that you use for your leg day training???

I felt a little bit sick yesterday but I’m not contagious so I completed my shoulders and biceps workout anyways. I just lightened the weight a little and kept pushing on.
One thing I’ve started doing is more machine isolation work to see if this leads to more gains and improvements. If anyone has any research on this please send any links to studies, videos, ect.


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#LakeShow Continue To Inspire My Brother @andreingram30 During the @nbagleague offseasons, Andre Ingram works as a math tutor. Every year since the 07-08 season he thought this might be his chance to play in the NBA. Dreams turned Reality 💯 .
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Sometimes I feel like stretching is something that is forgotten and has became a lost art form. Remember it’s just as important to warmup as it’s important to complete the exercise/s with resistance.

#wednesdaywisdom #stretching

I’ve stepped up my calf training and have started to put on some size. I wanted to thank all of your input that was given to me last month. I do agree that it’s a muscle group that has to be trained often to get them to grow. I started to use the angled smith machine to emulate the leverage that is used for donkey calf raises and believe that it helps with getting that full stretch. Also back training went well. Just remember that that consistency is key.

#transformationtuesday #time #results

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