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Maybe next year I'll run the second leg if I can find someone to do the first leg. @phuongmpham I'm sure you can run 7km. I have a year to convince you 😂 #smhhalfmarathon

I love your colour palette and styling 😍. Would love to reinvent fiancé room into my walk in closet with this awesome giveaway @_la.style #lastylegiveaway

Party time with my sister @funsizeamy_ before I get married and move out of home #MECCAxSHOWPO @showpo @meccamaxima 😍💋

'Love Henry'
Made fiancé wait 1.5hrs cos I wanted to eat here 😂. #henryleesredfern #brunch #relayhalfmarathon

Woot! Leg 1 done. I better walk back to Hyde park before Trung finishes his 14km 😂 #smhrelayhalfmarathon

After the rain comes ... more rain.
Went to pick up the bibs today. Hoping for sunshine and rainbows for the relay half marathon this Sunday 🤞🏻🍂☀️

I wanted to run up to this tree and shake its autumn confetti 🍂 #TedsAutumnComp @teds_cameras

I think this is the last run before the wet weather comes rolling in.
Also, I now feel like Korean fried chicken 🍗 #training #workruns

So I got the small flask hoping to save money from buying coffee everyday... used it first time today with my nespresso coffee. 1 hour later and the coffee was lukewarm/room temp. There's no way this will keep liquids hot for up to 4 hrs.
#madebyfressko #savingfail #coffee

If Autumn had glitters it would look like this
#TedsAutumnComp @teds_cameras

Watching the breeze loosen the leaves, landing in a colourful assortment of red, orange and brown. #TedsAutumnComp @teds_cameras

Transition from summer to winter, when trees lose their leaves and change colours from green to brown. #TedsAutumnComp @teds_cameras

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